Penny Saved? 3 Important Things to Know About Car Dealership Sales

| November 11, 2017

Car Dealership SalesIt seems like car dealers are always having sales. The advertisements are all over the television and radio, but few realize exactly how important these sales can be to their wallets. Below are just three of the important things you need to know about car dealership sales if you want to save money.

They’re Legitimate

The first, and perhaps most important, thing to know about big sales at car dealerships is that they are absolutely legitimate.

While some might think that these sales are nothing more than attempts to get customers in the door, the truth is that advertised sales really are some of the best times of the year to buy a car.

Dealers like Young Subaru have dozens of reasons for holding big sales, but most revolve around a need to move inventory. If you can find a sale, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a better price on a vehicle.

They Last Longer Than You Think

It’s also important to know that sales tend to be a little more flexible on their dates than you might be led to believe. While sales do typically have a posted starting and ending point, you can usually find fairly good deals for a few days before and after the sale.

Why? Simply put, because the salesperson doesn’t want you to walk away just because the price will be or would have been lower. If you think you’ll miss the sale by a day, don’t despair—you can probably still get a great price.

It’s Not Just the Big Stuff

These sales are also a great time to save money on more than just the cars themselves. Most salespeople are in a more sales-friendly mode during the sales and they might be willing to work with you more on certain other features.

This is the time of year you might save on maintenance packages, warranties, or even new floor mats. You won’t generally get much of a deal if you buy these items separately, but you can often found them added on to the price of a car for much less than their usual cost.

A good dealer sale is tough to pass up. If you know a local dealer is going to have a sale soon, you should stop by. You’ve got a better chance of saving on the vehicle you want—and you might even drive away with more than you thought you could afford.

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