Coming Back from a Crash: 4 Tips for Repairing Your Car on the Cheap

| November 9, 2017

Repairing Your CarHaving a car accident can be a life altering experience. Not only will you have many personal issues that require your immediate attention in the aftermath, you will also likely have car repairs to contend with.

Unless you have full insurance that will cover the entire cost of the repair, your personal budget will be impacted. With that in mind, read on to discover four tips to help you get your car repaired on the cheap.

Look into Dent Repair that Does Not Involve Pain

Depending on the extent of the damage to your car, you might be a candidate for dent repair that does not require pain. This is much less expensive than what you would expect to see with a traditional auto body repair.

Many repair shops will be able to buff out your dent without needing to use a sander or body filler.

Take Care of the Minor Scratches Yourself

There are some things that you can likely take care of your own, allowing you to save on the labor costs. After a minor accident, you might notice quite a few scratches and chips.

Just by using some grit based sandpaper and a bit of soapy water, you can often remove the scratch quite easily. Add some touch up paint and a little rubbing compound, and you may discover that your car looks as good as new.

Shop around for Auto Repair Shops

After the accident, your insurance company may give you the name of an auto repair shop that they would like you to use. By all means, get a quote from them.

At the same time, look around for other shops as well. You may very well find that the recommendation from the insurance company comes in much higher. You want to save on your out of pocket costs, so do your research in this area.

You may find that a local shop like Chehalis Collision Center or someone similar could have better rates for you.

Look into Replacing Parts on Your Own

Many parts of a car today are easier and less expensive to just replace than to repair them. An example is a bumper.

If there are a lot of scratches and dents on the bumper, just look to find out how much a replacement would be and then install it yourself. You will likely be pleased with the result, in addition to the money that you save.

There will be a lot of things going through your mind after a car accident. Do not feel that you need to rush into getting your car fixed. Consider your options and look for ways to save money on the auto body repairs. These four tips should go a long way towards helping you to do just that.

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