Welcome to a new website called SaveALittleMoney.com. Your thinking, right not another personal finance website. Well your right this is another personal finance website and why not. I believe that most Americans have a terrible lack of money knowledge.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is David and I have been a blogger and personal finance writer for the last 4 years. I own a business and I am a husband and father of 6 children. I have been blogging on the personal finance website 50plusfinance.com for the last 3 year. My goal with this website is to expand the subject matter and try to help more people.

According to surveys, 50% of Americans do not save for retirement. They also do not save for college expenses for their children. So not only do they have an extreme lack of personal finance knowledge but they are passing that ignorance down to their children.

Today we have the greatest medium for education, the Internet. Through the Internet people are receiving more and more of their knowledge. They spend much of their time using the Internet for their education and entertainment. So if you want to influence people and help them learn to manage their money then being on the Internet with a personal finance website is the best place to be.

With all the personal fiance websites on the Internet, there still is a lack of knowledge for half of all Americans. I plan on helping with that education process by contributing articles on how to save money and make more money.

Personal Finance isn’t hard to understand, matter of fact it’s easy to put to work. The problem with developing good financial habits is people come to knowledge of it when they are already in deep trouble.

I would like to teach good financial habits before the trouble comes. But will also help out by offering advice for people who are already in financial trouble.

Please join SaveALittleMoney.com on it’s journey through the world of personal finance.


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