Increase Your Chances of a Quick SSDI Approval with These Tips

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SSDIGetting approved for Social Security disability insurance ( SSDI ) benefits is easier said than done. The process to apply is long and often hard to comprehend, which is why more than 60 percent of all applications are rejected the first time.

When your finances are on the line, getting through the steps faster would be a big relief. Following these tips closely will help increase your chances of getting a payout sooner rather than later.

Work with a Disability Lawyer

Since the odds of approval during the initial process are not in your favor, you should consider the advantages of hiring a disability lawyer to assist you.

They are legal experts who are very familiar with the process of filing an SSDI claim and the laws surrounding them.

Analyzing your case, they will determine if you’re eligible, and guide you through the steps to applying, providing necessary documentation, and following up. If necessary, they can also help you appeal a denial.

To find the right disability lawyer, you should complete an online search of service providers in the area.

Once you’ve found a few, check for online reviews to get an idea of how they’ve helped clients in the past. For example, check online for Myler Disability reviews to see what their clients have to say. This gives you valuable insight into the industry as a whole.

Last, schedule a consultation in which you’re prepared to ask questions about their experience, course of action, and chances of getting your claim approved.

From there, you can make your best assessment of who is the best legal professional to hire.

Provide Copies of Your Medical Records

Disability claims can sit in the pending status for weeks simply because the processor is waiting on medical records. To expedite the process, it is crucial that you provide all necessary medical records with your application.

Make a list of all your doctors and specialists you’ve seen as a result of your disability. Contact each one and ask for the most current medical record on file. Once you have all required records, make copies for yourself and mail a copy with your application.

Follow Required Therapy

Though there are some circumstances the Social Security Administration will accept, if you’re being treated by a doctor for your disabilities, you’re required to follow the required therapy or recommended method of treatment.

Make sure that you keep all scheduled appointments and document them for coverage should it be required.

Complete the Application Honestly and Entirely

You’d be surprised how many applicants are denied SSDI simply because they failed to complete the application or did not provide accurate information.

As the SSA is a government entity, it is not difficult for them to find out about discrepancies in your application.

To avoid the confusion, read each question thoroughly and answer truthfully. Before submitting the application, reread it to ensure that you’ve answered all required questions, backed it up with supporting evidence, and have done so honestly.

Get Enough Supporting Evidence

Many applicants are rejected for SSDI because they believed that getting the required consultative exam was enough to get them approved for disability.

However, the consultative exam is designed to serve as a third-party opinion to the medical evidence you have brought forth.

Therefore, make sure that you visit several medical professionals to get a few opinions and treatment options. Make sure that you keep a record of all facilities visited and treatments provided.

Trying to get financial assistance while you’re injured and out of work is common. SSDI benefits provide millions of Americans with the subsidy they need to sustain a living. If you’re trying to apply for benefits or have been denied, there are things you can do to increase your chances of approval.

Hiring the best legal specialist and ensuring you’ve dotted all your eyes and crossed your tees will improve your chances of getting some relief.

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