Financial Fixes: What to Do When Your Utility Bill Is Abnormally High

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Utility BillEveryone hates seeing a high utility bill. Most people hope turning off a light or two will help with next month’s bill. However, more can be done for increased savings. Here’s what you can do when your utility bill is abnormally high!

Get Rid of Phantom Energy

Lowering utility bills can easily start by eliminating phantom energy. Phantom energy is generated by appliances left plugged-in but not used.

High culprits generating phantom energy are gaming devices like PS4s and desktop computers. Although shutoff, they are put into a sleep mode that still operates for activities like updates.

This causes electricity to be used even though you are not using the device. Prevent phantom energy from happening by completely unplugging these devices when not in use.

Think More Energy Efficient

There are numerous steps you can take to be more energy efficient. Install dimmer switches to control how much energy is used for lighting.

Stocking refrigerators and freezers full keeps the fridge cooler with cold food insulation. Turn the oven off a few minutes early and let the built-up heat finish the cooking.

Low-flow showerheads will reduce the amount of water needed to be heated during showers. Making small changes is thinking energy efficient and saves money!

Get Your Boiler Checked

Regularly have your boiler checked to identify if it is running efficiently. You might need to have it retrofitted to increase its efficiency and safety. Older systems may have to be replaced but the energy saved over time is worth it.

Modern heating systems can reach efficiencies near 100% while older ones have a high of 70%. Replacements are normally needed for coal burners switched to gas or oil.

Having a professional, like those with R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning, examine your boiler will point you in the right direction.

Rethink How You Wash Laundry

It is easy to save money on utilities when you change how you do laundry. First, only wash clothes in cold water and line-dry if you can. Dryer balls in the dryer can speed up the drying time.

Consider upgrading your washer and dryer to energy star appliances. If your area offers cheaper off-peak hours, wash your loads during that time. Only wash clothes when you have full loads to lower the water drain.

Utility bills do not have to drain the bank account. There are numerous energy-saving steps you can perform as financial fixes for utilities. Start practicing utility lowering techniques today!

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