How to Speed Up the Home Buying Process

| January 18, 2018

Home BuyingWhether it’s due to the excitement of buying a new home or time restraints caused by a work-related relocation or an expiring lease situation, you may want to expedite the buying process.

House-hunting over a long period of time can be inconvenient and stressful. There are several steps you can take to speed up the home buying process.

Prepare a Must-Have List

It’s essential that you distinguish between a wish list and a must-have list. Focusing on your must-have list can narrow down your options.

It’s best to prioritize your list while acknowledging the fact that you may have to exercise some flexibility with the list in order to shorten the duration of the search.

Get a Pre-Approval

Most homeowners are willing to negotiate the sell price they have placed on their home. However, you shouldn’t expect there to be a large difference between the asking price and the price they are willing to take.

Therefore, you can speed up the buying process simply by considering houses that you know you can afford. Getting a pre-approval from the bank will let you know the price range you should focus on.

Online Searches

When you know what price range you need to stay within you can look online for homes that fit your budget.

You can further reduce the time-consuming search by focusing on houses that have most of the requirements on your must-have list. An online search gives you a good idea of what’s on the market.

Finding a Realtor

Realtors assist with buying and selling houses every day. They know where to find houses that are compatible with your budget and your preferences. Do some research to find an agent that has good references and is active in the market.

A realtor from a company like Re/Max of Boulder, Inc. can be an invaluable asset during a negotiation process. Realtors can also help you envision changes and updates that will transform a home into one that exemplifies your design style, is compatible with your lifestyle and checks off numerous boxes on your wish list.

Buying a home can be an enjoyable adventure if you do some pre-planning and are willing to be flexible and open-minded when looking for your new home.

You can always add your personal touches to a house to make it a home that you’ll be happy and comfortable living in.


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