Blogging Highlights: How To Obtain Backlinks Of Good Quality For Your Website

| December 4, 2013

Nowadays, a website can easily be turned into an income resource. Once you invest time and even some money in link building strategies, your personal blog or corporate blog can achieve a decent return on investment. Probably the reason why some webmasters desperately try to build links without thinking that quality is more important than quantity.

Today however, the era of spammy backlinks is over, mainly because of the constant Google Penguin and algorithm updates. With these updates, you cannot trust anymore on automated backlinks which used to make your site popular and drive traffic. In order to get a search engine optimized website according to the latest updates on Google, you have to create backlinks of high and good quality that will enhance the rankings of your website in the SERPs (search engine results pages). Now it is the time to acquire strategies that will ensure your blog or business site stays in top spots. Some popular ways of creating good quality backlinks are mentioned below.

#1: Modify Your Thinking

The complete concept of building a link has undergone quite a few modifications. So instead of staying in the stone age, why not update your website as well? Choosing link building tools and keywords would only create a number of links in an automated manner. What we are looking for is a natural manual backlinking technique. Whenever you think of link building, you have to keep in mind that you are not optimizing your site for a search engine, but rather for visitors and potential customers. You have to consider the individuals who are supposed to visit your website and offer them the best quality in terms of text, visuals and resources. Specialists from the SEO India Agency recommend us to devote proper time and be aware while creating or analyzing backlinks.

#2: Do Competitor Backlink Analysis

It is highly important to identify your competitors’ backlink strategy and perform an analysis. This might offer you precious information and insights on what works and what doesn’t. You can also get an idea where to start from when it comes to your personal backlinking plan. For e.g., you can contact some of the blogs or sites your competitor has contacted and try to work out a collaboration. If you do this and succeed, make sure to respect the other bloggers and webmasters and always keep in mind a longterm mutual friendship. Simply because we are humans!

#3: Target Quality Websites

Quality backlinks are one of the best and reliable ways of surviving in highly competitive era, mainly in terms of visitors sent to your page and link longevivity. Things to keep in mind when looking for websites:
a) Quality content
b) Engaging visitors and comments
c) Clean clear design
d) Social media signals
One method of building links is guest blogging. However, this must be done in a smart manner, by providing quality unique content, by making sure you share the article(s) you contribute on other blogs etc. This leads us to the topic of content sharing.

#4: Inspire Content Sharing

Content is important for the success and growth of your website or blog. You need to keep the content sharing factor in your mind all the time. The more individuals share your content, the more visitors you might get. Going further, sharing content makes it easier to be found by search engines. This rises the probability of getting mentioned on other blogs and websites, which is the most natural way of building backlinks. But content isn’t everything: you can try posting images, infographics, videos, tutorials that are share-able and very appreciated by visitors. You can also inspire and encourage your visitors to contribute on your website. Just to make the “www” a better place.

#5: Don’t Be Afraid of Going Social

Social networks are one of the most effective ways of creating a social buzz. You cannot ignore the power of social networks. Even search engines heavily trust them. You need to maintain a strong presence on networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube. Make sure to keep in touch with your audience. It might take a bit of your time, but it’s definitely worth it on the long run.
When it comes to backlinks, remember quality ranks over quantity. Good quality backlinks will have an immense influence on your search engine ranking.


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