Whiplash Following an Auto Collision: 4 Financial Friendly Options

| December 17, 2013

InjuryAlthough many people believe that whiplash is a relatively simple injury, it can actually cause a long list of side effects. Because of this, many afflicted individuals will need to receive treatment in order to heal quickly. However, this can become a financial burden on those who do not have a good insurance policy or a large savings account. Fortunately, there are a few different options that you can use that will help you deal with your whiplash without costing you an exorbitant amount of money.

1. Physical Therapy

There is a lot of evidence that physical therapy is one of the best ways to recover from whiplash. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive methods for healing your neck and shoulders. Due to this, it is imperative for whiplash sufferers to consider alternative options for paying for this treatment. For example, if you are involved in a car accident in Miami that causes you to sustain whiplash, you should strongly consider contacting a Miami car accident lawyer.

Keep in mind that 20 percent of patients who fail to receive physical therapy will develop chronic whiplash pain that can plague them for the rest of their lives. In other words, it definitely makes the most sense to utilize a lawyer to help you file a lawsuit so that you can pay for physical therapy from a professional provider.

2. Cold Compresses 

It is important to take steps during the first 24 hours if you want to reduce the amount of time that you will spend recovering from whiplash. One simple way that you can do this is to apply a cold compress to your shoulders and neck for 20 minute intervals throughout the first day after your injury.

3. Neck Exercises

Many people who experience a minor case of whiplash are able to treat it on their own by using neck exercises that are approved by their physician. Neck rotations are a common option, and they can be performed by almost anyone. If your doctor determines that this is a good course of action for you to take, you will need to sit or stand with your shoulders and arms completely still.

Next, you will tilt your neck as far to one side as possible without feeling any pain and then hold that pose for a few seconds. This process should be repeated for the opposite side, and most people perform these rotations three to five times a day.

4. Rest Often

Resting is something that you can do for free, and it is also one of the best ways to treat whiplash. After all, taking the time to rest will give your injured ligaments, muscles, tissues and tendons the opportunity to relax, and it will also protect them from receiving any additional injuries.

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of receiving whiplash treatment, you should definitely take steps to utilize all of these cost saving methods. Keep in mind that physical therapy will provide you with the best benefits, and a car accident attorney can help you take the appropriate legal steps to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver.

Lisa Coleman shares some natural, healthy and financially friendly ways that a person can treat whiplash following a collision. Retaining a lawyer is important when expenses are going to be high. She recently read online how a Miami car accident lawyer could help in such a case.



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