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| October 26, 2013

images (8)If you are in court with a lawyer after you have been accused of a crime, the other side is probably going to bring in witnesses to prove that you actually committed the crime. Depending on what happened, these witnesses could be from almost anywhere. If you are accused of robbing a bank, for example, they might bring in your roommates to find out if you ever talked about doing something like that, or they might bring in people who worked at the bank, who saw it all take place. The prosecution will try to find witnesses wherever they can get them.

It is your lawyer’s job to defeat these witnesses and show to the jury that their testimony should not count. This is true whether you are guilty or innocent. The tactics might be a bit different in each case, but this is the end goal. The lawyer can also do things to show that the crime could not have been committed by you, such as showing that you have an alibi or something else that proves your innocence, but the most important thing to the jury will be countering the witnesses who are taking the stand to say that it was you.

One tactic that the lawyer could use would be to show that the witness is actually unreliable. For instance, they could bring in someone who says they saw you leave the bank from across the street. However, what if that witness usually wears glasses to see long distances? What if he was not wearing them that day because he forgets them at home? Though the lawyer will admit that the witness saw someone exit the bank, how can they be sure it was you? Your lawyer will look for things like that to prove that the testimony is not as strong as the prosecution believes.

In some cases, the lawyer may also look for a motive to lie on the part of the witness. Are they falsely accusing you because they actually committed the crime? Did they know you and dislike you before the crime was committed, and could they be letting those feelings get in the way? A witness that is compromised like this cannot be trusted in a court of law. If you want to look into other ways that lawyers can help when you go to court, just go to for that information.

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