Unsecured Vs Secured Debt Consolidation Loan

| July 12, 2013


There are many situations where debt consolidation becomes a necessary method of bringing your finances back under control. If you are struggling to keep up with making regular repayments on multiple sources of debt, then it is time to plan an effective strategy.

Types of Consolidation Loans

There are some important decisions that need to be made, one of which is whether a secured loan is more suitable or an unsecured loan. Each loan has some advantages and disadvantages.

An unsecured loan is only suitable for lower amounts of debt. If the total you owe is less than 10,000 pounds then this could be a viable option. However the rates of interest will be quite high and getting a good deal can prove to be difficult. The only good way of getting a low APR loan is to have a great credit history. Otherwise you will be looking at an expensive loan that might not be the best option for consolidation.

A Secured loan is different from the unsecured variety in that they must be backed by some form of collateral. You will have to put your property on the line, which is brings with it additional risks. But you get many benefits that for many people outweigh the downsides. A competitive interest rate is one of the best features of these homeowner loans. Borrowing a larger amount is another fantastic benefit. The loan amount can be scale up or down as desired, from as little as 10,000 pounds and all the way to 150,000 pounds. Even more can be borrowed if the situation warrants it, and the available equity in your property is bale to cover the required amount.

When making decisions on how to consolidate your debts, it is also a good idea to talk to an expert advisor. Arming yourself with all the facts and figures is essential. Failing to plan carefully could leave you with a loan that is even harder to pay back than before.

Debt Consolidation Loan Provider

After choosing the type of loan you need, finding a suitable consolidation loan provider is the next step. Some people like to stick to the traditional route of building societies and banks. This isn’t a bad idea, but there are often better sources of loans out there if you shop around.

A specialised lender is often the best choice because of the improved service and highly competitive terms and rates. By completing the application online, you benefit from a simplified and streamlined process.

Debt Consolidation Shop is a top UK loans provider whose mission is to free their customers from debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. All applications are considered, so no matter what profile you fit and your current financial state, you still have a good chance of finding the right solution.

You can get started today by filling in the short online form and getting a quote for the consolidation loan. If you are facing debt issues, don’t ignore them. Take action and find the ideal solution.


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