Top Tips On Buying The Right Caravan

| August 12, 2013
Caravan, Netherlands 2005

Caravan, Netherlands 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buying a caravan can be one of the biggest purchases that you make, and after a home and car, it may be one of the biggest assets that you will own. It’s a good idea to do some research before buying a caravan, which will help to find the perfect fit for your needs.

This article will look at some important questions and features to consider when buying a caravan, whether it be a static van set up at a park, or one that you tow with you to your favourite holiday destinations.

Things to Consider

What is your caravan buying budget? This will determine if you can buy a new caravan or have to go for a used one.Will your caravan be a static van? ie: a caravan that will be permanently installed at a holiday park somewhere? If yes, you need to consider some important questions about the long-term costs involved. You need to think about the van site fees at the park, and check the small-print of any site contracts.There are organisations that can help with static caravan issues including insurance and buying advice, such as the National Association of Caravan Owners (NACO)

If you plan to tow your caravan on holidays, check that your vehicle is well-suited to this task. You may also have to pay for caravan registration to make sure it can be legally towed on public roads.

Tips On Buying the Right Caravan

As a good starting point, it’s best to buy the shortest, lightest caravan available that will be a good match for your travelling needs.With the rising cost of fuel recently, many caravan buyers are opting for folding caravans that can be folded down to be lower than the towing vehicle. This can improve aerodynamics and cut down on fuel costs, plus the lighter style of caravan is easier to tow.Another good option is to buy a smaller caravan but include a light-weight awning which can be set up when required. This may be a good option if the size of your travelling party varies for each trip. It’s easy to set up modern awnings and a larger one can easily accommodate a couple of extra people, or provide a shaded living area.

Another important question to think about is how many berths the caravan will have. If you are a retired couple, a double bed may be enough. On the other hand, small families may need extra space for any friends or relatives that join the next caravan holiday. Remember that bunk beds are great for maximising space, and a popular choice for kids too.

Another feature that depends on the size of your travelling party is the amount of storage offered. Remember that lighter is better when towing a caravan, and you can save space by not packing unnecessary items. Modern caravans are a marvel of storage ingenuity, and most modern caravans will have more than enough storage for an average family.

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