Save Your Sanity With Five Easy Money Saving Tips

| December 21, 2013

InvestmentEveryone seems to be looking for ways to save money. Money is often what most couples argue about and that can lead to head and heartaches. Luckily, by following the five tips below, not only can you start putting money back in your pocket but you will be able to save money for emergencies and really save your sanity.

1. Make More Money –

Even though you already have a job, you might realize that the income you make is not enough to allow you save money. Start looking for other ways to earn money like using the Internet to sell your handmade items, working online writing articles, working as a virtual assistant or any other way so that you’re not at the mercy of your job.

2. Money Saving Coupons –

When it comes to shopping for items you use everyday at home, you should be using coupons. It’s literally free money for things that you already are going to buy. People don’t realize that they can cut hundreds off of their monthly household items and grocery bill with a few coupons.

3. Find a Good Loan –

Financing or refinancing your home utilizing the low VA rates is a good way to save a lot of money. Interest rates on VA loans are at an all-time low. Being approved for a VA loan is a lot easier than being approved for a traditional home loan because the lender isn’t required to follow the rigid underwriting rules that most lenders have to follow.  So if you are a veteran you can find these VA loans at

4. Buy Used –

Let others take the hit on depreciation. Buying secondhand appliances in good condition, used cars and gently used clothes and books is one of the best ways to save a lot of money. Buying used items requires some thinking and strategy. Plan ahead instead of waiting until you need something. If you know you will need a new car in the next six months, start keeping an eye out for one now. This way, you don’t pay retail when you come down to a crunch. Shop the thrift stores in the heat of summer looking for bargains on winter clothing. During the colder months of the year, look for a used patio set for the following summer. You can buy used items a lot easier when you know your future needs.

5. Be Money Smart –

With the economy the way it is today, it’s important to be money smart. Before you buy something, make sure you really need it. If you feel you can do without it, don’t spend the money on it. Instead, put that money in your savings account.

Having enough money to cover the bills and live off of can sometimes be an extremely difficult thing to manage. Hopefully, these tips will help you put more money in your pocket, and you will still have some leftover to grow your savings account.


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