Rehabilitation an Intricate Part of Healing Process

| November 12, 2012
Patient at Walter Reed test next-generation pr...

Patient at Walter Reed test next-generation prosthesis (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

Our bodies are perfectly designed to suit our every need and allow us to move freely, develop a sense of independency and achieve a sense of gratitude and confidence. Sometimes, unfortunate accidents occur at home, at the work place or even on the road which might lead to severe injuries and perhaps amputation of certain body parts. This procedure is usually carried out when the body part cannot be saved due to lack of blood irrigating.  Another scenario would be that the limb is infected and maintaining it attached to the rest of the body might prove to be life threatening. Therefore, it must be detached through surgical intervention to save the patient’s life.


Such procedures will have a serious impact on the person who has undergone such surgery because he/she will have to learn how to deal with everyday life situations whilst using medical equipment and accessories such as prosthesis. These objects aim to replace the missing body part and enable the patient to perform everyday tasks and lead a normal lifestyle.

Amputation compensation will also include the following forms of support and assistance:


  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Retraining patients to determine them to become independent
  • Providing medical equipment such as walking frames, prosthesis
  • Property re-organization in order to make things easier to reach
  • 24h nursing care and assistance
  • Medical treatment and therapy sessions


People with prosthesis should not be regarded as disabled and under no circumstances should they be considered inferior to others. They have the same rights as any other citizen and are entitled to respect. Such persons know that they are different from the rest of the world. Actions such as staring and asking several questions related to the accident will only make them feel uncomfortable and consider isolation as an appropriate thing to do.

BBK offers clients accurate information and advice when it comes to putting claims forward. The people who make use of their services will benefit from the intense training of staff and rapidity of processing requests. In some cases, the road to full recovery can be long and tough but with appropriate assistance, this can be achieved. Determination and the will to succeed are two key aspects which should be focused on.

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