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| October 10, 2013

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We have provided Americas’ small business with over $500,000,000 in funding (and that’s true – read any of the Rapid Advance Reviews). And we have done this even in cases where SBA loan is closed. We provide assistance to help SBA loan for your business, by helping you overcoming the obstacles like past due taxes, vendors and suppliers and so on.

In this case where one is facing trouble getting past the proceedings of a SBA, we help you getting through it by our SBA Bridge Loan Program. To understand what we can do for you in this program and what all you we get, here is a clip of the program…

Advantages of RA SBA Bridge Loan Program

The good thing about taking this loan program is that financing is calculated from gross sales and business cash flow. This is taken into account by the credit card transactions or payments. Another advantage is that no collateral is required for this kind of loan program. The last advantage is that there are fixed automated repayment methods which allows for easy cash flow management.

Why RA SBA Bridge Loan Program

There are many reasons why business-man takes our SBA Bridge Loan program. Businessmen and Businesswomen take the SBA Bridge Loan Program to pay off the last unpaid tax dues or for overcoming other SBA loan obstacles. Another reason is to replenish the cash reserves depleted by costs associated with SBA processes.

People are benefitted by taking this type of loan due to the flexibility it brings. It is also considered good as it makes easy for business people to run their day to day expenditures during the SBA process in the Rapid Advance Reviews.

What makes it beneficial?

There are so many factors which makes SBA Bridge Loan Program beneficial:

  1. Easy application process
  2. Free of cost quote
  3. 48 hours approval if agreed upon
  4. Historical Cash flow basis for loan process
  5. High approval rates as compared to bank rates
  6. Easy repayment method
  7. East renewal terms
  8. Immediate funding
  9. Personal Financial Advisor
  10. Very good Client Relationship

All of these factors make it really easy for business-people to go for this kind of loan. Unique in its own way, it is one of the best business loans ever (read the rapid advance reviews).Thousands of businessmen have applied for this loan and have come out all smiles. If you are the one who really requires this kind of loan, then you must contact us. Our Client Assistant will be more than happy to help you out.

We understand while there can be thousands of reasons why you would resist from coming to us, but then there is no harm is applying. After all there is no fee for applying and you get a free quote too. Who knows you come with a better solution than you might have ever thought of! So, just walk in and give us a chance to offer you the best deal – ever….We’ve Provided America’s Small Businesses With Over$500,000,000 in Funding


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