Private Health Insurance in Australia’s Different States

| January 7, 2014

savealitttlemoney (1)Everyone living in Australia can apply for private health insurance, but depending on where you’re located, you may notice some difference in the options available to you.

Here’s a quick rundown of what sort of differences you may encounter based on your home states.

What’s different?

Private health funds are often tailored for specific states. For example, there are private health funds that are only available to people living in New South Wells, and some plans are meant specifically for residents of Western Australia.

This happens because private health insurance providers often function with a network of private hospitals and health providers, who are located in a single state.

What’s the same?

Though the policies may be state-specific, often (and particularly with larger health fund providers) there will be comparable plans for each state in Australia.

That being said, the pricing of premiums will sometimes vary depending on where you live. These prices are determined by a variety of factors, including the costs of medical care and state government health arrangements.

In general, private health funds serve the same purpose from state to state. They are meant to supplement Medicare, giving policy holders the opportunity to attend private hospitals and various health services not covered under public health insurance.

Making the decision

When you choose your private health fund, you want to be certain you have made the best choice. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a private health insurance comparison website.

With the help of one of these websites, you will be confident that not only are you getting the best plan possible for your needs, but that the plan will be the right fit based on your residency and state.

DT: There are some differences between private health funds depending on the state you live in. A comparison website can help you choose.

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