Personal Finance Websites for Money Advice

| October 10, 2017

Personal Finance Websites

Once couched with technical jargons, finance is now easy to understand thanks to the Internet.

Ordinary people are now gaining knowledge in finance, the stock market investors are honing their skills and academic programs are cultivating online financial resources.

Your progress in personal finance depends on how well you can handle financial responsibilities all by yourself. Once again, the Internet is your ally. Here’s a list of top financial blogs that you should follow:

We all have bank accounts. Yet, many of us don’t know much about banking – How banks work, how to value invest in banking, etc – These are some of the nitty-gritty that very few of us are aware of. lists the offerings from different banks. The yields on certificate of deposits (CDs) are low, but brings you the best yields on CDs. The durations vary – The deposits can have one-year, two-year, three-year or five-year duration.

Put simply, is your banking investment guide.

The marketing punchline of this site is “Empowering Smart Choices Before You Pay.” Indeed, Healthinreach helps you make smart choices. The site lists services from doctors, especially dentists. On the homepage itself, you can see the treatment procedures, the typical price and the discount percentage.

If you need dental care, then is a highly resourceful website for you. Some of the procedures offered are dental filling, zoom whitening, teeth cleaning, bridge work, etc. Competitive prices and the location of the dentists can also be found on the site, and you can schedule an appointment as well.

Groupon’s popularity may have been down for a while, but the daily deal brands has made a comeback. By visiting its site, you get to know about the latest daily deals, offered at a discounted price. Dining in restaurants, rejuvenating in a spa are luxuries that we dream to afford. Groupon brings you coolest deals from top retailers. Want travel, luxury and other wishes to be fulfilled? Then visit

Going on a trip? Visit this site before you start packing your bags. gives you competitive prices on hotels, tour packages offered by travel agencies, vacation rental accommodations and cars. The site also offers information on cheap flights and lets you compare their prices.

Petroleum products move the world. Like petroleum, natural gas is a drilling product. Its price depends on the market and is subject to volatility. For example, in 2011, each gallon fill-up was $4 worth. lets you search for the best gas prices across, city, state and zip code and compare different prices. The site even features real-time gas price update for areas, which are too populated.

There are three major bureaus that offer credit report. In case you face any hassle collecting your report from any of them, is at your service. Many Americans don’t know their credit score and this ignorance lowers their score. offers you an easy way to collect your score.

This website is not for any specific purpose – It’s for getting generic financial information. The founders of wants people to gain and retain their financial freedom. The tagline of the site – “You don’t have to sacrifice your financial independence to enjoy life.”

In the Frugal Living section of the site, you’ll find tips on saving money. The “Life Hacks” section is a must visit place for wannabe entrepreneurs because this section gives tips on how to manage an organization.

This website offers financial advice, fine-tuned to suit the families that have members working in the military. The government runs many programs for the military personnels, but many of them are not aware of those programs. Post-retirement benefits, investment opportunities and military discounts and insurance facts are are also covered by the site.

This site is for those who are young and aspire to become successful in money related matters. The target audiences are 30 year olds – It’s the time of life when one needs to tally dreams and reality. keeps the 30-something folks grounded. You can find tips on banking, student loan, mortgage, credit cards and many other financial areas.

The blog has a fascinating title, and it lives up to it. The funniest thing is the favicon, which is a fist ready to punch someone. The blog delivers practical advice, by following which, you can live a debt-free life. We know the mounting volume of debt is a challenge for this country. The main culprit behind debt is credit card. On, you can find plenty of articles on how to repay the credit card debt.

Personal finance

The 10 sites that we have listed here are for personal finance advice seekers. They often complain that there’s a lack of useful websites. I hope they’ll visit the sites listed here and stop complaining from the next time.

James Paul is a personal finance blogger and loves to write about unique money management tips. You can visit his personal finance blog to read article for making better money decisions and living a better life.

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