How to Find a Way to Get Your Credit Rights

| July 26, 2013

credit historyEvery consumer has a right to repair their credit. You can dispute any charge made to your credit history. However, some consumers are more successful because they use the dispute tool to their advantage and seek outside assistance to ensure that they get their charges dropped. When you request your credit report, you’re given a list of all the accounts you currently have and some information about your credit history. If you have a bad credit score, you likely have one or more negative accounts with late payments or even delinquent charges on your credit report. It’s essential that you dispute these charges.

Every dispute is investigated the same way. Once you dispute a charge, the credit reporting agency follows up with an investigation within 30 days of the initial dispute request. The credit bureau sends your information and the dispute request to the debt collection agency or creditor responsible for the negative charge. They have 30 days to respond to the dispute. Most debt collectors respond sooner by requesting information from the debtor. They’ll ask for records providing that you owe a different amount or to show that your information is incorrect.

Most debt collectors also try to trick debtors into providing information that they can use to make the charge legitimate. Lexington Law reviews has helped many consumers get negative charges dropped from their credit history. Once negative marks are gone from your credit report, your credit score automatically goes up. Over a period of months, you can increase your credit score to over 700 points.

Lexington Law would be the trusted leader in credit report repair for any cause: they make the method easy and powerful for their customers. Their companies have verified so successful that their participating Concord degree clients have noticed a typical of deletions from their mixed credit reviews by month three, and 28.6 deletions by month 12. Credit fix firms leverage your buyer rights to engage the credit bureaus and assist with your credit rating. They function in your behalf to get rid of questionable adverse products from the credit reviews.

After that, they must inform you of their results, and send you a free copy of your updated report. It usually takes 60 days from the day they send a dispute to the day you receive an updated report. When you receive a response from a credit bureau you straightforward produce a copy in the updated report to your information then send the unique to Lexington Law. Lexington Law then repeats the cycle, this time hopefully with fewer questionable items in your credit report. The wonderful point about Lexington Law is that their support is backed by a refund policy which entitles you to some or all of your income back. Sufficient disputed objects aren’t removed. If you study the testimonials on their site you are going to undoubtedly see how satisfied and impressed their clients are with their services.


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