How to Find a Name for Your Business?

| April 17, 2017

business name ideasWe will see here how to find a name for his company. This may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about starting a business or maybe you already have all the papers in hand and that is the last detail you are missing.

The truth is that, in one way or another, the name you choose for your brand will largely determine its success, hence the importance of choosing well.

It is important that the name of your business is catchy. People have to be able to remember it and distinguish it from other businesses and management. There are many “Chez Jacques” or “Hotel Center”, but there is only one IKEA.

Keep in mind that the name must be tailored to the target market language. Try, as much as possible, to use phonetics tailored to the market you are targeting. If it is a foreign or invented word, make sure that the spelling and pronunciation do not seem strange.

A good example is the name of the social network Facebook.

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Avoid abbreviations, punctuation, and strange symbols. Consider readability, especially if it is a new brand. You can include certain graphic motifs in the logo, but the name must be able to be read very easily.

Beware of numbers. A number in a trade name can be disorienting and does not always help remember, especially if there is a similar trade name.

If a number is used in the name of a company, it must be justified and have special meaning. For example, whether the company is linked to a significant date or that number highlights the seniority of the company. In this case, the number can be used in the slogan or logo of the company, rather than in the name of the company.

Remember that your company name should be short and concise. The basic rule is that a single word is better than two and that two words are better than three. The shorter the word, the easier it will be to remember, it is as simple as that.

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If possible, you will also need to describe the type of business and management activity, so you will provide valuable information to potential customers.

Keep in mind that the name you choose for your business should not be strange to pronounce or have particular connotations. The worst for a trademark is surely to have an offensive name, which deceives the customer or causes laughter unwittingly.

If it is a company that aims to conquer markets abroad, be careful and check that the name is not strange in other countries. Some might think that a strange name makes it possible to make free advertising to the brand, but this does not compensate the image of the company that loses its seriousness.

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Availability. The final step is to verify that no other company in the same sector will have had the idea to take that name and have it registered. You can consult the online database of the National Institute of Industrial Property.


Seek inspiration or let it find you. Sometimes the idea can come after an intense session of “brainstorming” or watching a movie at home. Take the time it takes to look up your business name.

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