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| September 19, 2013


With changing times the need for owning a home and having a property in one’s own name has become extremely elemental. To be sure about one’s future and having a decent place to live in has become instrumental for women especially. The trend indicates more and more women home buyers, an aberration earlier, who want safe secure and comfortable house for themselves. Below are some home buying tips for women which can prove to be useful while purchasing property.

The increase in the number of working women has created an alternative buyer category of sorts who are independent, professional, intelligent and rich to afford houses which are comfortable and decent. This new category of home buyers has specific demands and choices and they are making waves in the real estate market.

Increased work opportunities and many women having careers as solid as their male counterparts and this has enabled them to invest in property and make sure they have their own property which is wholly and solely owned by them.

If you are a working woman and want to buy a property on your own then here are some guidelines which need to be followed in order to ensure a fair deal and own a good property which gives good returns after a few years.

Take matters in your hand

Many women take it for granted when it comes to owning a property. They are either dependent on their parents or husband or brothers. The new woman is capable of handling her life, career and financial matters and so she has enough understanding of managing a property. Take charge of your life and decide to buy your very own property.

Research Well

Before you plunge in the realty market it is mandatory to research well about the real estate scenario prevalent at the time you buy property and what are the expert’s forecasts about the future of owning property in a certain area. The real estate websites are a good tool to check the rates prevalent in the real estate market of a certain locality, the current property prices there, the kinds of property available there and the brokers in the dealing in the said properties.

Check your investment options

The next step is to check one’s investment options: how much money does one have to invest, what is the convenient budget, how much liquid money does one have and how much is the invested money that one wants to divert in property buying. This requires extensive financial planning and hence consulting a financial or money manager is recommended.

Future plans

Being a woman there are numerous other responsibilities that one has besides making a career and earning money. Most of the property bought and sold is by taking home loans and that ties you to monthly EMIs of the same and one has to be sure that they are taken care of. Responsibilities like marriage, kids, managing the family etc. take a toll on one’s career and hence taking up a loan which one cannot pay in the longer run is not advisable. Hence, plan your loan term to be short with fewer amounts of EMIs to ensure that you are able to pay back your home loan without stress.

Financial Management is important

Sound financial management lies at the core of buying a property and since it is a long term investment plan it is important that one consults an expert on the same and make their personal and professional goals clear in front of them so that they can help you plan your future and property buying.


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