Getting a Leg Up the Competition: Five Benefits of Receiving a Master’s Degree in Business

| October 22, 2013

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The business world is a rewarding place for individuals with drive and ambition. Although formal education is not a prerequisite to success, going for an MBA in Information Systems is an investment in your future career that will pay off in several important areas.


MBAs earn, on average, 50 percent more than those entering the field with undergraduate degrees alone. Consider the cost of tuition to an MBA program an investment in your future; in two to five years, the degree will pay for itself.

Better Career Opportunities

MBAs not only earn higher salaries right out of school; they also have a better chance of obtaining senior level management positions. In the area of Information Systems, for instance, an MBA is the path to achieving an executive-level job in IT as either a director or project manager, careers that have significantly more responsibility and prestige than standard entry-level positions in the field.


When you go through an MBA program, you become part of a valuable network of alumni who can help you to succeed for the duration of your career. At the beginning of your career especially, this alumni network can give you the edge in a competitive job market over the candidate with no such connections.


Along with having a built-in network once they graduate, MBA students can make valuable contacts while still in school. Working with a well-respected professor can help you to land a job when you graduate, and having a trusted mentor often makes the difference between landing just any internship and that special internship position that will help you transition smoothly into your first job.

Range of Knowledge

There is no question about it: MBAs offer a broader range of degree options than any other business program out there. Regardless of what your plans are post graduation, it is wise to avail yourself of different skill sets, as you never know when you might want to expand your horizons. If you are working as a systems analyst today, you may wish to become an entrepreneur who begins a start up company in a few years. The broad range of skills you learn at an MBA program will give you the flexibility and strength to make such a transition with ease.

Pursuing an MBA in Information Systems is expensive and challenging, but it is an investment that can lead to a rewarding executive-level career in the field. See the additional information here to help find the program that is right for you.


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