Expecting? Make Room for Baby by Cutting Corners

| December 20, 2013

ShoppingAwaiting the birth of a new baby can be an exciting time for many parents. They may spend weeks choosing the best name, deciding on whom to ask to be the baby’s godparents, and planning for life with the new addition to their family. However, along with envisioning these aspects of bringing a baby into the world, new parents must also think about more practical matters that center on money, safety, and their child’s overall wellness. As they count down the weeks and months to their baby’s birth, expectant parents are advised to address these concerns promptly.

Financial Preparations

Couples who live relatively comfortably right now may experience significant financial dilemmas after their baby is born if they do not take the time now to prepare monetarily for their new family addition. The days of going out to eat for every meal, spending money on new clothes, and going to expensive concerts and shows may quickly evolve into saving money for diapers and formula. Rather than face financial difficulties after the baby arrives, parents are advised to start saving money for the baby’s expenses, as well as emergencies that may arise and challenge their financial stability.

Buying many baby clothes is unnecessary because newborns outgrow their clothes so quickly. Also, don’t go crazy outfitting a nursery until your baby has come home and you can decide on the items that you really must have. When the baby is a newborn, the basics that need to be covered involve having a place for him to sleep, to eat and to get cleaned up. A cradle or bassinet will do until his growth requires a crib. Whether breastfed or bottle-fed, you’ll need a designated place that’s comfortable for both baby and mommy. Nursing pillows by Mombo cradle the baby while offering much needed back support for mommy. As for keeping baby clean, you can initially use your bed as a changing table and even the kitchen sink as a tub.

Medical Insurance

Most insurance companies require that new parents enroll their new baby for coverage within weeks of the baby’s birth. Before the baby is born, the parents should decide on whose policy the baby will be enrolled or if they want to opt out of their current coverage in favor of a better policy. Having the baby’s medical coverage lined up before his or her arrival can be vital in case the baby is born with health conditions that require surgery or neonatal intervention.

Delivery Preferences

While many parents decide to give birth in a hospital, parents today have more choices when it comes to delivering their babies. Many parents like the idea of laboring and giving birth in a birthing center while others want to try to deliver at home. If a woman has a low-risk pregnancy and no signs that she will need extensive medical care during her delivery, she can choose from among various options before she goes into labor.

Safety Concerns

Expectant parents also are advised to give thought to their baby’s safety once he or she is brought home from the hospital or birth center. While the first few months of the baby’s life may be spent in slumber or being carried around by Mom or Dad, the new little one will soon be up and crawling, looking for ways to explore the house. Parents need to figure out what changes they can make in their home that will prevent their baby from being hurt or sickened.

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby goes well beyond the excitement and joy of choosing a name or deciding upon the baby’s nursery theme. Parents must also consider practical matters that will help keep the baby provided for financially, medically, and physically throughout his or her childhood in the family’s home.

Debbie Nguyen used a Moses basket for her kids to sleep in before they needed cribs. She used one of the nursing pillows by Mombo for feeding times and as a prop during interactive play with the babies.

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