Benefits of Used Office Furniture for Flood-Hit Businesses

| March 17, 2014

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Hampshire has been hard-hit by severe weather events in the past few weeks, with homes and businesses now left to count the cost of flooding. Water levels rose to two-feet deep in some places, while roads were closed and rivers burst their banks. Local businesses have been particularly affected by flood water, with some premises being unable to open and a number of businesses suffering the costs of replacing damaged equipment and materials. Collecting money from insurance agencies and waiting for compensation – if it is available – to come in will take many months. In the meantime, Hampshire businesses are looking for all means possible to afford repairs, replace furniture, and get up and running as quickly as possible. One way in which an office or a workshop can get back on its feet is by sourcing cheaper, high-quality furniture. Here are a few ways in which used office furniture can help after flooding and where to find it.

Money-Saving Opportunities

Cleaning up after a flood takes time, patience, and – unfortunately – a lot of money. Business owners in normal circumstances look for ways in which they can save money during the running of their business. After a natural disaster, the need to watch expenditures is even greater. Replacing office furniture is expensive, and for this reason many businesses are looking for used office furniture in Hampshire. If money is no object, a business would be able to buy any amount of new desks, chairs, and shelves, but in today’s economic climate no one can truly say this is the case. However, by shopping carefully, businesses can find used furniture bargains that not only help the business function again but look good, too. Most pieces of used office furniture display minimum wear and tear. Most people will be unable to tell the difference between used and new. Only the business owner will know – by looking at the bill.

Time Saving

Compared to the amount of time it takes to get new office furniture sourced, made, and delivered, used office furniture can be at the premises within a few days – ideal when the business has already lost too many days following the floods. When buying used furniture, businesses should check the delivery terms and see how quickly the requested items can be delivered. Also, check to ascertain the delivery prices and whether there are any discounts available when buying a number of different furniture items.

Get the Best Thing

As the price of used furniture is quite low, compared to the new ones, one can buy almost any such furniture of their choice. There are many people who have to think twice before buying great quality office furniture that are new. High price is the main constraint for such products. However, no such problems exist in case of used furniture. As a result, one can create a perfect working environment with the best furniture without even letting too much money out of the pocket.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Whether or not the severe weather patterns in Hampshire and beyond are the result of global warming or other man-made environmental changes is debatable, but it is clear that businesses can still do a lot to reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Buying used office furniture – for example, the items available at office furniture solutions 4u – means there is less furniture sent to the landfill and fewer resources used. Sourcing a pre-used desk means you don’t use more wood making a new desk; thus, you are helping conserve the natural resources and keeping more trees growing in the forests. It may only represent a small change in the environment, but any positive environmental impact matters, especially when considering the devastation severe weather events can cause to homes and businesses across the UK.

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