A Smart-Saving Strategy for Hunters: Choosing the Ideal Outfits

| September 23, 2013
Informal "tablou" after bear hunting...

Informal “tablou” after bear hunting, Romania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most important things to consider when planning a hunting trip is the clothing. If you were a seasoned hunter, then you know what I am talking about. But if you were a beginner or just planning to engage into this kind of adrenaline-rushing activity, then you must know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to this matter. Wearing the right clothing can save you from the danger against both the other hunters and your possible prey. Just like your gun, knives and other tools, your hunting outfit is a significant gear to help make your hunting exploit safe and successful.

When you go on deer hunting, duck hunting or bear hunting, make sure that you are in your most suitable outfits, which should keep you warm, dry and definitely, alive. Ideal hunting clothes could mean comfort, endurance and safety.

But the more pressing issue here is, how can you save from your outfits? Well, in order not to waste your money on hunting outfits, make sure you know what to buy and why do you have to get them. Here are the things you need to consider before purchasing your items:

  1. Weather and topography – You need to study your hunting ground whether it is very hot or very cold. Warm conditions need just few layers, while cold conditions require a little more depending on the kind of fabrics you will choose. When you know this, you will only make a purchase once.
  2. Fabric – Your options may or may not depend on the weather and topography. Just remember that in choosing the kind of fabric for your clothing, it won’t get you into trouble, especially when you need to get wet. Choose a kind that can dry easily and quickly.
  3. Color – Carefully choose the color of your clothing to avoid being mistaken as prey by other hunters. Avoid the colors that pose threat and scare your game.
  4. Style – Wear something that not only gives you comfort but will also allow you easy access to your other gears. Well-pocketed items could be useful in storing your smaller tools. So, you don’t have to buy extra suit for the tools.
  5. Budget – This is a must in the list of “what to consider” when buying your clothing. Comfort and style within your budget will be a perfect gauge.

How do you stuff yourself? There are hundreds, or even thousands, of options you can choose from to gear yourself up from head to toe. But of course, make sure what you get is worth the value of your money.  Here are important gears to consider:

  1.  Socks – Choose to buy the most comfortable and durable socks and you don’t need to buy new ones each time you go on a hunting expedition. Bring several pairs of warm and comfortable socks when hunting. It will protect you from blisters and unwanted elements, as well as protect you from cold conditions.
  2.  Boots – In buying your boots, consider the nature of your activity. When you are hunting, you don’t want your feet wet and uncomfortable, and definitely, you don’t want to slip on slimy slopes. Always remember that this feat involves hiking and running in different landscapes. Good footwear means boots that are warm, water-resistant and with spiked soles that will work on different terrains. You can check out the different and cheap but quality hunting boots in the Internet for further reference.
  3.  Gloves – The market offers a wide variety of hand gears but consider the climbing on rocks and holding of different objects, the cold conditions, and other factors in choosing your gloves. Just make sure you will be able to compare prices and when you finally made a decision, you are not compromising quality.
  4.  Pants – As long as you are comfortable with it. But keep in mind the importance of layering when it comes to your clothing. It is essential to your flexibility against different circumstances and to your safety, survival and success in hunting. Try checking on the companies or hunting gears distributors for the ideal pants you can get at a discounted price.
  5.  Clothing – Learn more about layering when it comes to your clothing. In all cases, you have to ensure that you are protected from cold and or against heat. Waterproof, insect proof, quick drying and breathable materials should be put into consideration if you would like to finish your hunting expedition without troubles from your clothing.
  6.  Headgear – Protect yourself from the heat of the sun by wearing a hat or a stocking top. This will also allow your body to stay warm in cold conditions. Checking on different stores for a wide variety of headgears is the best way to save.

You should remember that in hunting, you will not only consider the cost of your outfits. Awareness and safety is always the key to an enjoyable, safe and successful hunting. Wearing the appropriate outfits and being comfortable with it is an additional huge factor to bring down a big game.

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