A Career in Hotel Management can be Rewarding and Fun

| June 13, 2013
English: Meran School of hotel management &quo...

English: Meran School of hotel management “Kaiserhof” Deutsch: Meran Hotelfachschule “Kaiserhof” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We spend long enough at work that it is not worth persevering with something you don’t enjoy. Believe it or not, you can get paid doing something you enjoy doing! This article outlines why a career in hotel management might be the path for you.

Your Work Place Is Relaxed

You might be at work, but your guests have left work behind and are on holiday! That means that your work location might be in a picturesque part of the country, in the mountains or at the beach. Hotels often have facilities that can be used by staff as well as guests. Your customers might feel overworked at home, but by the time you meet them, they are relaxed and determined to enjoy themselves.

The Money Is Good

There are well-paid jobs in hotel management, particularly if you are able to land a job with a larger hotel or a property within a popular resort. It’s these places that have the best opportunities for progression, too; they have the most to lose in terms of reputation, so they are willing to pay to attract the best for their vacancies. On top of that, there are often bonuses and other rewards to keep staff motivated. It is a work-hard, pay-hard environment. Although qualifications are not always critical, evidence of passing a qualification from a Swiss hotel management school, for example, demonstrate a commitment to the career. Benefits might include free travel, or discounted stays at sister hotels.

You Can Work Your Way Up

Hotel Management is the sort of career where you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Your attitude is often more important than your qualifications and often managers start out waiting tables or pouring drinks behind the bar, or answering the telephones and greeting customers at reception.

Your Colleagues Become Your Friends

The nature of the industry means that you will be working with lots of outgoing, friendly people. Similar personalities often bond well and colleagues in the hospitality business often work and play together. Staff have to be polite and considerate to people during their working day, so it makes sense that interactions between each other follow the same pattern.

You Will Need An Eye For Detail

Your customers have paid to stay at your hotel and they will have expectations about their stay. Escapism might well feature highly on their agenda, so it important that everything is absolutely right for them.

So, with attractive salaries, competitive benefits and great opportunities to progress up the career ladder, who wouldn’t want a job in hotel management? Land a job with one of the big chains and you could even progress internationally and transfer to another hotel in a completely different country! A change of scenery can often be refreshing and without the added stress of having to find a job, a relocation within your current firm might be just the thing for you.


Smith is a freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics for various websites and blogs. He is a former manager with a well-known leisure chain with hotels across Europe. He has recently completed a study to find best Swiss hotel management school.


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