5 Ways to Attract Investors

| November 7, 2013

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Any business needs to attract investors if it’s going to go through a major period of expansion. There are many places where you might find interested investors, such as http://www.thefundingroom.co.uk/. You need to do business in the right way if you are going to encourage them to invest in your vision.

Here are a few of the things you need to do to attract investors.

Happy Customers

Happy customers do more than just make your balance sheet healthy. They tell their friends about your company. This allows their friends to visit your site, and this continues to radiate outwards until you have a thriving business.

Investors are always looking for that next good investment opportunity. If there’s a buzz about your business they’ll come sniffing around to see what’s up.

On a side note, there’s more to proving your worth than happy customers. You want customers who value you for what you do. You want them to need what you’re selling. They should regularly check back to your website to find out what’s up.


Investors realize the danger of trends. Trends allow for short-term gain, but once fashions change the value of a company conforming to an old trend plummets. Consider diversifying your products and services. Selling a selection of evergreen products will show to an investor there’s always a future within your company.

Most people looking to put money into a company expect a long-term future and long-term gains from it.

Efficiency Through Technology

Small businesses are often unwilling to invest in the latest technology due to smaller budgets. This is common and it hampers their progress. Technology is there to increase efficiency. If you’re willing to make the small investment, this is a sign you’re serious about becoming a success in your industry.

Furthermore, you’re going to guarantee better returns for anyone who decides to pump money into your company. It’s a double-barreled benefit!

Go Online

This is a ‘must have’ for any investor. Anyone who understands business knows you can’t succeed without an online presence. The majority of people are now trying new things and shopping from their phones and through Google. They aren’t browsing the high street shops as much any longer.

Make sure you have a professional website at the very least. Ideally, you should already have a strong social media presence before you seek investment.

Build Your Sales Expertise

Most small business owners have little to do with sales. In fact, a lot of them hate it. Sales are the most important part of your business, though. You need to build a strong team who can take charge of any expansion and adapt to any changes. If you don’t do this the money won’t make any real difference at all.

These are the main things you need to do to attract investors. Whether you actually get this investment largely depends on your pitch and your plans for the future. The key is preparation. Do your homework and you’ll have a higher chance of netting some crucial investment.

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