5 Secrets to Kick-Starting Your Marketing Campaign

| December 13, 2013

5 Secrets to Kick Starting Your Marketing CampaignThe business world has never been more competitive than it is today. Therefore, when you are going to be starting a marketing campaign, you need to make it stand out from the crowd. Consumers get bombarded with promotional material every day of their lives.

The average person sees so many marketing campaigns that many people just become numb to them and tune them out altogether. The trick is to make your marketing campaign impossible for consumers to ignore. If you can do that, you will have a successful campaign. The following steps have been used successfully in many different industries, such as dental marketing:

1. Obtain a list of leads

Leads can be gathered from many sources. They can be former customers or you can purchase lists of email addresses that belong to potential leads. Alternatively, you can set up a landing page and offer a free gift in exchange for visitors email address.

2. Develop an excellent marketing offer

The key to this step is to identify something that will interest your target audience. It could be a discount or a coupon of some sort. Whatever the offer is, the goal is to snag the consumer’s attention and get them to visit your website and find out more about the products and services that you offer. Remember, the people you are emailing most likely get many other offers emailed to them. With that in mind, do not make your initial email sound like a standard sales pitch.

3. Design your website

If the goal of emailing potential leads is to get them to visit your website, you obviously want them to stay on your site and shop around if they actually visit it. Create a landing page that once again explains the introductory offer you detailed in your email. Provide instructions on how the person can take advantage of the offer. Then explain the other things that you provide and how they can benefit the consumer.

4. Use social media to promote your campaign

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing campaigns if it is used effectively. It has leveled the playing field and made it possible for smaller businesses and start-ups to connect with a large pool of potential clients. Get the word out to all of your followers about the details of your campaign. Encourage your followers to tell their friends and family members about it.

5. Feedback

Create a survey form that allows your customers to tell you what they want. Ask them what products they would like you to carry. Use this information to make your next campaign even better. Websites such as marketing.org can also be a valuable resource for companies looking to start a marketing campaign.

On the surface it may appear quite complicated to set your marketing campaign into motion, but a campaign can be carried out with little effort. If you follow the five secrets listed above and closely monitor what is going on around you and your brand.


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