5 Secrets of Communicating for Business Success

| September 22, 2013

5 Secrets of Communicating for Business Success

Just like a successful relationship, communication is key if you want to run a successful business. To run a business, you need to be able to not only communicate; you need to be able to communicate very well in different ways with different groups of people. You need to communicate one way with your customers, one way with your employees, and another way with third-party vendors and other external partners who can play a role in your success. While having quality services and innovative products is an important factor in success, ultimately the way that you communicate can make or break your business. Here are 5 communication secrets that can help you succeed.

Secret 1: Communications Tips When Pitching to Clients 

When you interact with prospects, you need to know how to pitch to these clients without being labeled as one of those annoying, high-pressure car salesman. Your business’ ability to succeed depends upon your ability to sell and pitch. When you are pitching a product, it is all about being professional and asking your prospective client the right questions. Show them that what you offer will provide them with value, and focus on the client and not just your business. Some of the questions you can ask to get the answers you need include:

* Who is your target audience?
* What value do they want?
* How do you provide a unique value?

Secret 2: Know How to Communicate Professionally Via Email 

Email platforms will become popular when you are running a business, but using an email platform does not mean that you forget about professionalism. Be sure to proofread your emails, use a salutation, use the right tone, and use a signature with your name and title. Being too casual can affect your reputation with clients and colleagues.

Secret 3: Don’t Forget to Listen 

Do not forget that communication goes two ways. You need to speak, pause, listen, and then respond once the other person is done speaking. This goes for customers, bosses, and employees. Do not forget the importance of listening when you are face to face.

Secret 4: Ask For Your Customer’s Opinion 

Hearing what your customers have to say is important. Not all customers are willing to give you honest feedback when their names are on the survey. Make sure that the name is confidential and construct surveys so that you get the answers you need to improve your customer service or products. By using mshare.net, you can prepare and send out survey invitations.

Secret 5: Follow Up on Meetings

You should also ask for feedback from internal customers, like vendors and other third-party companies. After you have a meeting, rather than monitor customer satisfaction with surveys, you can send the internal customers a written request for feedback on what was discussed. Be sure your note is straightforward, detailed, and professional.

You do not have to be a communications major to communicate well. Learn how to write professionally, do not forget the importance of listening, and your business will be on the right path to success.


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