5 Ideas To Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

| July 18, 2013

5 Ideas To Lower Your Air Conditioning BillResidents in all 50 American states experience at least a few days of hot and humid weather each summer. In the south, the heat and humidity can last for weeks at a time. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of hot weather, what can you do to reduce your air conditioning bill?

1) Seal Your Windows

Your windows can do a great job regulating the temperature inside of your home. Sealing a window prevents hot and humid air from entering your home. Other options to consider include buying new windows that allow just enough heat and light from the sun to enter and exit the room during the hot summer months.

2) Use A Series Of Fans

You can eliminate the air conditioning by eliminating the use of an AC altogether. Using fans in conjunction with open windows can help create a steady breeze that will keep your home cool throughout the day. Another neat trick that you can try involves putting a bowl of ice near a fan. The cool air on the surface of the ice will be spread by the fan creating an additional cooling effect.

3) Drink Plenty Of Liquids

A cold glass of water, lemonade or iced tea can keep your body temperature cool without the need for an air conditioner. Simply putting a cold glass up to your skin can hasten the cooling effect on your body.

4) A Dark House Is A Cool House

Closing the blinds and turning off the lights can lower the temperature throughout your house. Just as it is cooler at night because it is dark, a dark room is going to be cooler than a room that has a lot of sunlight beaming into it.

5) Use A Reflective Surface On Your Roof

Roofers in New Orleans can install a roof that reflects more sunlight back into the atmosphere. Asphalt roofing materials do a great job of capturing sunlight and making your home much warmer than it needs to be. A new roof can therefore pay for itself in a few years just from the reduction you will see in your cooling bills.

Your air conditioning bill doesn’t have to be sky high. Instead, consider using a fan, getting a cold glass of water or closing the blinds. These ideas will all reduce your need to use an air conditioner to keep your home at a tolerable temperature.


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