Your Rights in an Auto Accident, Part Two: Damages and Injuries

| December 26, 2013

lawCar accidents can be very traumatic. Sometimes, one might not even survive in a car accident. Every year, thousands of people die from car accidents and only a few are left unscathed. If you are one of those lucky few who survive a car accident and live to tell about it, here are some tips on what you should do right after a auto accident especially when it comes to head and brain injury.

Do Not Forget the Facts

Right after an accident, your body tends to be in an adrenaline rush and your body is in a state wherein it can forget things. When the ordeal is over, you might have problems remembering the entire situation because your mind is trying to suppress such traumatic encounter. Do not forget the facts such as the date and time of the accident and what really happened. This will help you deal with the aftermath especially in the hospital, insurance company, and with the court if ever you want to file a case.

Report the Damage

It is very important that you report the damages done to you and to your car. Make sure that the person injured should seek medical attention right away first before you try to deal with the damages of your car. Once the person is stable and has received medical attention, you can then focus your attention to the damage dealt to your car and what you can do about. The best thing to do is to report it to the police and see what they can do with the other party. You will need to be objective when it comes to reporting the accident so that you will look more credible in the eyes of both the police and your insurance company.

Do Not Admit Fault

Never admit your fault to the accident. There might be chances that you were not the cause of it. Remember that your perception of the accident is different from the perception of the other party. Sometimes, especially when you have head and brain injury, you become confused that you tend to mess up the details. Try not to admit anything and see if you can seek medical attention first before detailing what happened. It is best not to settle things in the middle of everything and wait until you can think clearly.

Take Pictures

Ask a friend of yours to take pictures of your injuries. If you are going to go through with a settlement from your insurance company or the other party is pressing charges, then it is best to defend yourself with evidence from the accident. Cuts and bruises can heal quickly so be sure to take pictures of them right after the accident. These evidence alone can make or break on how you can deal with the accident and its aftermath. Most of the time, it is not the accident that is difficult to handle, it is the aftermath that may take several months before you can finally rest and leave it in the past.


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