You Will Never Know Who Your Best Customer Is?

| March 19, 2017

business strategyWhen we start with a new business we have the ambition (and need) to know how to get customers. However, we often leave it in the background how to keep a client. In this sense, it should be noted that customer loyalty must be a pillar of our business strategy.

The loyalty of our customers is not only an indicator of the satisfaction rate of them, but also will allow you to improve the profitability of the business. It is proven that customer loyalty is much cheaper than getting a new one.

In this way, regardless of the different loyalty techniques that may exist, everything starts by knowing how to take care of your client. At this point, it is not only important that our product or service meets expectations, but also that it is necessary that the customer service is exquisite.

What are the keys to proper customer service?

  • Always, and I emphasize here, you have to take care of your client with a cordial treatment.
  • Provide our customers with different ways to contact us. In this way we are giving you alternatives to facilitate the way you contact us and if they are free, much better (contact phone, mobile,  Skype , mail, etc).

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  • Train our employees or collaborators in all our products and services, so that they can transmit detailed and reliable information.
  • To have, as far as possible, a customer service. Alternatively you can opt for an email address or a no. 902, but make sure you can give answers to them. You have to be aware of the importance of it.
  • Have established protocols of action to incidents. When these occur, recognize the errors and solve them.

If to our good product / service, we add a correct customer service, we will have taken an important step to get you to trust us again.

However, in addition to the above, there are different techniques that favor customer loyalty, which we must implement to foster and improve our loyalty strategy.

Main loyalty techniques

It is important to start this section by making a note that, at the risk of appearing obvious, is the main mistake that many companies make.

loyalty cardsThe more you know your customers, the easier it is to get them back on you.

You must have a customer card, where you incorporate all the information that you consider relevant (here a CRM is key), to the extent that you can request it and provide it (sex, age, previous purchases, etc.). If we know the client very well, we can give you a personalized treatment, which will improve your perception about us.

In this sense, as I just mentioned, it is vitally important to have a CRM that will help us manage all our relationships with customers.

In addition, this interaction with customers can be very favored if we make good use of social networks (Linkedin, twitter), should design a good strategy #social media 2.0, studying also the possibility of establishing communication channels through the mobile (Whatssap, snapchat, etc).

It is also very important to know the opinion of our customers, so we can provide satisfaction surveys. This information can be crucial to target our real market.

Likewise, loyalty programs should be designed, which encourage those who are more loyal to our company (points programs, gifts, discounts, etc.).

The result of using all these techniques is none other than a satisfied customer who will re-trust us. Thus, we must at all times favor cross selling with the customers we already have.

In this respect, it is essential that we know how to maintain a constant and fluid communication with our customers, whatever the medium. Knowing your previous purchases, we will be able to guide our communication strategy towards complementary products, which can satisfy new needs and thus contribute a continuous value to the relationship.

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