Wise Money Tips for the Frequent Traveller

| November 7, 2013

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If you travel overseas frequently for business or pleasure then you’re probably well aware that there are many ways to reduce your travel expenditure and that insurance is something we can’t do without. Those who travel frequently for business, pleasure or a combination of the two, must not only be in possession of the right travel insurance policy, one designed for frequent travellers, but also know how to manage their money wisely whilst travelling.

This not only involves understanding when and where to exchange currencies, but also how to avoid paying more than you should for phone calls and insurance policies, as well as understanding when to catch a taxi or hire a car, and when to opt for public transportation.

Phone calls and communication

Not surprisingly, far too many business travellers pay far too much for phone calls and their communication needs when travelling for business. This needn’t be the case, however, because there are a number of ways to reduce the amount of money you spend on phone calls and communication.

Avoiding roaming charges is certainly among the best advice that can be given here, so if you frequently travel to a particular country you’ll find it advantageous to buy a local SIM card. Nowadays many smartphones allow for two SIM cards, so you can still keep your regular SIM in the phone whilst using the local SIM for local calls. This way you needn’t provide family and business associates at home with a new number for each country you travel to whilst still being able to receive SMS messages, generally without charge.

VoIP technologies like Skype are a great way to communicate affordably because you can call and message other users on the same platform for free and you can also make affordable calls to landlines and mobiles.

Insurance – Not something you should be without

A well selected travel insurance plan is certainly something that you should never be without when travelling overseas, especially when you take into account the number of excellent options available to you when sourcing competitive medical travel insurance in the UK, and the extortionate medical bills that you could be hit with should you require medical attention or treatment overseas if you opt to go without.

Taking out a policy is an expense, though it’s an essential one and could save you a lot of money in the long run. If you’re in reasonably good health and aren’t prone to illness you might find it advantageous to opt for a simple policy as a way of reducing the costs of taking out travel insurance, though whatever you do, don’t look at travel insurance as an expense that you can do without – this is something that’s too important to overlook.

When to catch taxis, hire cars and when to opt for public transport

There are certainly times in which there’s no other recourse of action than to catch a taxi – perhaps you have arrived in a bewilderingly new city in the middle of the night and desire nothing else than to be whisked away to your hotel – though there are times when hiring a car or opting for public transportation would be the wiser, and generally more affordable, choice.

Before you depart overseas take a look at the public transportation system in the city to which you’re flying and take note of public transportation operating times and airport links of all varieties. For example if you were arriving at Heathrow you’d find that you have a number of options and that some are much more affordable than others, i.e. taking the tube rather than the express link to Paddington if time allows it.

If you’re spending more than a day in a certain city or area and you’ll be travelling frequently, it’s often more affordable to rent a car rather than catch a taxi, and doing so will often prove more convenient than catching public transportation.

Take these handy tips into account the next time you travel overseas for business, pleasure or a combination of the two and save yourself money in the process, not to mention enjoying the peace of mind that comes about by investing in the right travel insurance plan.


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