What You Need to Know About Collateral Loans

| October 18, 2013

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If you are in need of cash and your credit may not be so good, a collateral loan may solve your problem. A collateral loan is just a loan where you pledge a valuable asset you have. You agree to give the asset to the money lender if you can’t pay back the debt as agreed. When employing a collateral loan, the money lender assumes little risk, so it possibly will make better for you to obtain financing. Make certain you are aware of the requirements of collateral loans prior to using this type of loan.

How Collateral Loans Work

Collateral loans guarantees the lender some way to recoup its loan if case the borrower doesn’t pay. If you put up your asset for collateral, the lender can demand the asset and sell it, to recoup their loss. Compare this too an unsecured loan, the result will be you only damage your credit and are subject to legal recourse.

What types of Assets can be Used for Collateral Loans

At the time you use a collateral loan it gives the lender the legal right to claim the assets if you don’t pay the loan back.. What types of assets are used for collateral loans?

  • Cars
  • Real property
  • Cash balances
  • Investments
  • Insurance policy
  • Collections
  • Receivables

How are assets valued for a Collateral Loan?

Normally, the lender will pledge a lower value for your asset. Many assets could be heavily discounted. For instance, a lender could only acknowledge 30% of your investment package for a loan. This way, the better the chances of receiving the money back, even if the value of the assets lose some value..

If the assets lose value for whatever reason, you may have to pledge more assets to keep your collateral loan. Also, you may be accountable for the entire amount of your collateral loan, even if the lender takes your assets and liquidates them for less than the total you owe.

Kinds of Collateral Loans

It’s useful to know collateral loans are for those with not so good credit. The loans are frequently costly and ought only be utilized only if you don’t have any other choices. They have many different names, like:

  • Asset title loans
  • Car title loans
  • Auto title loans

All of these are collateral loans. Your credit may not be so good but if you have assets that have value you could ge a collateral loan and solve your money needs.


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