What to Avoid on a Construction Site

| January 14, 2014
Construction site in jerusalem

Construction site in jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When entering a construction site, always take precautions to ensure you don’t become a construction accident! Safety and security are of paramount importance when entering any construction area. Visitors and employees can take precautions by planning ahead, obeying signage and following instructions when entering a construction zone.

Always dress appropriately

Proper protective clothing should be worn when entering a construction site. Companies will usually provide you with a protective hard helmet and high vis vest when visiting the construction zone. Always wear fully enclosed shoes. Some constructions sites will require you to wear eye protection and long pants.


For operators of heavy equipment, having a crowd form when you are about to commence excavation is an annoyance. People love to watch large piles of earth moved; they like to peer into deep holes and are often in awe of heavy machinery. There is no reason for them to be in such close proximity and exposure can lead to injury. Workers can unfortunately become a little too relaxed when working in this type of construction environment on a daily basis. The construction site foreman will need to reinforce this safety measure constantly.

Walking Anywhere

All construction sites have dedicated walkways. These clearly marked paths should be strictly followed as any deviation from these paths could put you in danger. Construction sites may be scattered with heavy equipment, deep holes, water puddles and debris. It is best to avoid wandering over uneven ground.


Construction sites are full of cables running in all directions. Avoid tripping over these by walking on the paths marked for pedestrian use. Many companies have in place systems to protect hoses and cables from vehicles, equipment and people.


Construction sites can be laden with overhead lines, steep slopes and underground utilities. Operators will always know their limits when traversing slopes empty and with a load. Always stay well clear of equipment with a wide swing radius. All companies engage in a dig safe program that identifies where water, sewer, phone and gas lines are located. Due to age and incorrect records, errors can occur in marking. Stay well clear of these areas, as hand digging, as well as machine digging, may be required. For positive safety, use shaftbrace and multibrace systems from mabeyhire.com.au. Manhole boxes and trench shoring boxes are also available.

Being vigilant on a construction site will keep you safe and avoid personal injury. Because of its nature, injuries can happen to operators, ground staff and anyone involved in this line of work. Stay well clear of machinery when you hear reverse signals. Most operators will have a spotter in high vis clothing who will tell them when the perimeter is clear. Construction zones are a hub of activity. When the weather is fine, the work has to get done. Machinery can tip, loads can come undone or underground lines can be ruptured. Always follow the safety measures in place and you will avoid injury.

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