What Kind of Car Would You Rather Drive?

| January 10, 2014

Luxury CarsIt can be really surprising what you might find out about people’s car preferences. For example what kind of cars do women prefer over men? Is it sexier to have a fast car or a luxury car? Those kinds of questions and many more are the subject of this post, and it has some really intriguing results.

Lamborghini or Ferrari?

Men overwhelmingly preferred the Lamborghini over the Ferrari. Maybe it is because Bam Margera drives a Lamborghini? However women were largely split on the issue. About half of the women who participated in the survey preferred the Lamborghini, but only slightly less than half like the Ferrari. It might be that the Ferrari looks a lot cooler than the Lamborghini does.

Mercedes-Benz or BMW?

This was a tough one. Some countries seemed to prefer Mercedes over the BMW. Those countries are nations such as Jordan or the UAE. However many countries were almost split on the issue. For example the Anglo nations such as the U.K., U.S., and Canada were almost 50/50 on this issue. It seems that in these countries there enough lovers of both brands who are eager to share the road.

New or Used Car?

The question asked was “If you had the money, would you buy a new car or a used car?”. This was clearly a no brainer. It came as no surprise that a majority of people would prefer a new car over a used one. The biggest people tend to avoid buying a new car is that it depreciates quickly in the first two years of its life. Cost conscious consumers are aware of this and that is why they buy used cars. However if money wasn’t an issue then obviously they would buy a brand new car instead of a new one.

Japanese or American?

Here is another example where the results varied by region. In Western nations like the United States, about half of the respondents were split on the issue, with a little more weight in favor of American made cars. In nations like Australia, Japanese cars were overwhelmingly the vehicle of choice in that country. This is likely due to brand awareness and cost. It is more expensive to ship a car to Australia from the U.S. than it is from Japan.

Luxury or Speed?

Given the choice between luxury comfort or speed, people favored the luxury comfort. Sure it might be a nice experience to go from zero to sixty in a Corvette, but what exactly is the point of that car? It only has two seats and very little trunk space. A Lincoln still has a sporty look to it, but with four doors, leather seats, sound system, and air ride, it’s no surprise that more people would prefer something like this over a fast but uncomfortable car. Not to mention that tires are a lot more affordable on this kind of car than the expensive specialty tires that a Corvette needs.

There are some car preference trends that everyone follows.  Some people however have preferences that are unique to them.  Demographics such as age and location can predict what type of car a person would rather own.



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