Top 6 Factors That Could Affect the Sale of the House

| September 9, 2017

Sale of the HousePeople sell houses for various reasons. Some do it to dispose of their homes when relocating to another region or country. Some do it due to financial constraints occasioned by the loss of a job or failing businesses.

Sale of the House

The reasons the sale of the house are many and varied but whatever they are, property owners always look to fetch the best price for their homes. The sale of the house is affected by many things. Some of these factors are local while others are tied to the national economy and politics.

Home and property owners are required to study these factors if they wish to fetch the best price for their property. Failure to do so could leave you frustrated and feeling cheated by the system. Let’s now take a look at some of the factors that have a bearing on the sale of the house.


The location of a house has a bearing on the performance of a house in the property market. A good location has the effect of making a house desirable and vice versa.

Location encompasses aspects such as proximity to schools, hospitals and other social amenities such as shopping centers and entertainment spots. It also covers how accessible a place is and this includes the presence of roads and other forms of transports. Buyers prefer houses with all these qualities since they make their day to day life easy.

It makes it easy to head to work and the presence of schools ensures that their kids are catered for. In the sale of the house, you will attract a lot of buyers if your property meets all these location requirements and this pushes its price up.

Local property market

Local market forces affect the sale of a house by influencing the going rates. If there are few houses for sale in your neighborhood, the rate for the houses increases as a result of the scarcity.

Such a market is known as a sellers’ market and it is the property owners who influence the property prices. However, when there are a lot of units available for sale in a neighborhood, the going rates for houses goes down as a result of the abundance in supply.

Such a market is called a buyers’ market since the buyers have a bigger say on the rates.

The condition of the houses

Most buyers prefer houses in that are in the best condition since it reduces their moving in costs. It is, therefore, important to perform the necessary repairs on the house before putting it up for sale.

Some of the things that buyers look at when making purchasing decisions include the paint, the situation of the walls, floor covering as well as the cabinets in the house.

Size of the house and layout

These are some of the important factors that have a direct impact on the price of a house. The larger the house the higher its price and vice versa.

The long-term implications of size also come into play when buyers are looking for a property since larger houses are expensive to maintain than smaller houses. Buyers looking to cut their long-term expenses, therefore, tend to avoid large houses.

Upgrades and renovations

The improvements done on a property before it is put up for sale also affects its sale. Renovations improve a home’s value since they make it move-in ready and this makes it appealing to the buyers.

Upgrades such as increasing the number of bedrooms make houses for sale in Turkey more valuable and their price increases as well.

Negative events

These are incidents such as fires and violent crimes that took place in the house. Most buyers are superstitious and believe that such events could befall them should they settle in.

They, therefore, shy away from such houses and opt for others without a history of such events. This makes such houses difficult to sell. Those who are willing to buy such houses offer incredibly low prices that the owner is forced to accept if he or she wants to sell the house.


The sale of the house is a challenging affair that requires proper analysis and consideration. The points mentioned above are some of the factors that influence the property market across the world.

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