Tips To Sell Your House Like Lightning

| December 17, 2013

Tips To Sell Your House Like LighteningThe real estate market can have its ups and downs. But it does not mean you have to wait until it is back on track before you can sell your house. You can instead make your property appear irresistible to potential buyers and sell it like lightning.  Below are just a few of the many things that you can do:

Stage the Outdoors

This is the first that prospective buyers will see. First impressions always last, so get it to work to your advantage. Create a view out of your garden, and influence potential buyers to want to live in your property.

  • Landscape your garden. Explore your creative side, think of how you can add more life to your garden. A patio set will make it perfect for a picnic, while a swing will surely appeal to buyers with children. You can put on Bermuda grass, or embellish the floor with pebbles and natural stones. Flowerpots will add delight. You may want to consult a landscape designer if you have a bigger yard.
  • Exterior painting. Through exterior painting, your house can look like new. Pick a color that brings about a positive mood, or that suits the season. . Bright colors create a vibrant mood, while lighter shades bring out calmness.  Children usually like it blue or pink, while the busybodies often go for black and white. Even a small house can look appealing when painted nicely.
  • Fence repair. A broken fence can ruin the view. Replace if it can no longer be fixed. It is also recommended to paint the fence to match the color of the house.

Give Your Interiors a Makeover

Before prospective buyers make a final decision, they will inspect the interior of the house from the biggest to the littlest details. Make sure that the house is ready to impress even the most meticulous eyes.

  • Clean the house thoroughly. Clean the house all the way to the top. Remove dirt from every corner, and make the floor sparkle. The carpets and upholsteries should look and smell fresh. Tiles in the bathroom and kitchen should be grime-free. Get rid of spots on the walls and ceilings.
  • Remove all the clutter.  Prospective buyers will usually ask to see the rooms and cabinets. Make sure that all the items inside are properly arranged. You can also take out all those that you don’t need.  Fully loaded cupboards and dressers can look messy. If you have a lot of stuff to throw away, why not hold a garage sale?
  • Rearrange your furniture. Make the house look bigger by rearranging the furniture. You may also want to dispose of items that do not blend in with the rest of the house. You can ask help form an interior decorator if you are not sure how to do it.
  • Change the wallpapers. You can either repaint or change the wallpapers. Choose a neutral color to appeal to everyone. To cover up empty spaces, you can hang up a mirror, a portrait, or a painting.
  • Reuse extra rooms. Most buyers prefer a home that is entirely functional, which means that all the rooms have a visible purpose. Clean up those rooms that you have locked up for years, and redecorate. You can turn them into a music lounge, study area, or a private office.

Repair Broken

Check every corner of your home for anything that needs repair. A broken window, leaking faucet, or a loose door knob can turn potential buyers off. You may opt to hire a professional to do the major repairs, or minimize cost by doing the minor repairs on your own.

Contributor Profile: This article is written in behalf of For Sale For Lease Pty Ltd and is published with permission. For Sale For Lease is, by far, the leading Sell My House Agency in Australia.

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