The Right Attorney for the Right Decision

| September 22, 2013

images (8)Hiring the right attorney is a decision that makes all the difference in the outcome of a case. Attorneys specialize in law much the same way doctors specialize in particular fields of medicine. Just as an obstetrician isn’t as likely to have the expertise to treat a compound fracture as an orthopedic specialist; a lawyer who specializes in divorce won’t have the expertise to offer a solid defense for matters pertaining to corporate law.

In addition to finding an attorney knowledgeable in the type of case a client brings, successful experience in the litigation involved is an essential trait. For clients looking for a defense attorney with a proven success record in white collar criminal defense, Timothy Broas has the knowledge and experience to advise and defend individual and company clients on such concerns as securities enforcement, fraud, antitrust and corruption.

Furthermore, with corporations doing much of their business in foreign accounts, clients should decide on an attorney well versed in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other intricate government regulation and enforcement matters to ensure all business relations are protected. Not every case goes to trial but a lawyer should be ready to defend the case should a settlement not be reached. Experience in all phases of the process is another trait to consider in a client’s decision. The litigation process is complicated and very involved from the initial complaint to pretrial to possible trial. Depending on the circumstances the complaint could be lodged as a civil or criminal offense and an attorney must be capable to address both for a favorable result.

Due to the sensitive nature of white collar legal actions attorneys do not advertise the positive outcomes they have had for clients. Some high profile cases, such as the Martha Stewart case have made it to the media. However, an attorney who boasts of his or her success rate is not a satisfactory choice. Attorneys who practice discretion on behalf of their clients are trustworthy. Trust is a major component in the client/attorney relationship. When it comes to allegations of white collar misconduct more is at stake than only the client. Rumors of misconduct can cause a financial loss to company which may in turn cause workers to lose their jobs, even if a settlement of favorable verdict is pronounced.


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