The Family Piggy Bank: Don’t Let An Injury Break It!

| December 22, 2013

IOUPiggyDealing with a disability can be challenging, especially if the bread winner of the family is at the helm of the injury. In addition to medical bills and physician visits, you may also need to contend with numerous emotional issues that can affect your entire family. The following are budget-friendly tips for dealing with your disability injury.

Implement a Budget

Depending on the extent of your injury and time frame attached to the healing process, you need to put together a strategy for saving money. Getting injured and having to deal with workman’s comp can be time consuming, especially if your claim has initially been denied. As expressed by one workers compensation lawyer Columbia, SC residents trust with their claims,”Workers’ Compensation Laws are designed to provide prompt and reasonable income and medical benefits to work-related accident victims or income benefits to their dependents, often regardless of fault.”

While the process can mean filing paperwork and enlisting the help of a disability attorney to aid you in trying to retrieve monetary compensation, you may need to implement a budget to stay on task. This includes cutting back on items and extras that you can do without until you’re back on your feet.

Coping With Stress

Because you may be limited both physically and mentally, you may be at your brink emotionally. This can be especially brutal if you’re feeling the financial pinch with mounting bills and a lack of income. Until you receive financial compensation for your injury, you may need to find other outlets to deal with your stress. This can include group therapy sessions or enlisting the help of a professional for guidance and reassurance.

If your injury is more permanent, you may need to look into alternative methods of employment that can be done from home. You may also need to rearrange your career goals to a job that is centered around your disability. Finding something that you enjoy can prove beneficial to your mind, body and spirit.

Make Time for Family

It can be easy to alienate your family, friends and other loved ones after you’ve experienced a disability injury. Because you’re no longer able to do what you once could, you may have feelings of inadequacy. While you may be angry at the people around you and take your hurt and humiliation out on them, you need to focus on alternative methods of placement for that anger. Meditation, yoga and positive thoughts can reduce your sadness and help you get back to normal.

Instead of pushing your family away, you can enlist their help into the recovery process. This can allow them to feel an integral part of your healing and bring everyone together as a team. While you may not be able to afford family vacations and expensive outings, you can still do family favorites such as movies, game nights and staying connected at meal time.

Coping with a disability injury can be extremely difficult. If you’ve been the primary caregiver for the family and hosted the brunt of your financial obligations, you may be facing serious changes that can affect the entire household. However, coming together and facing the many challenges as a family can prove beneficial in speeding along the healing process.

Knowing that bouncing back from an injury is never easy, Nadine Swayne passes along this information. If you live in the South Carolina area, you can search key terms online like workers compensation lawyer Columbia to gain materials needed to help your injury claim.

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