The Best Ways To Manage Your Money In 2014

| February 5, 2014

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Managing money is one of those essential life skills they don’t teach enough in schools. The difference between a home with a solid grasp on the numbers and a home with no budgeting is evident, and this difference can lead to significant differences in wealth. Moving in to 2014, there is no better time to start managing your money in a more strategic, more beneficial way. Through cutting back on what you spend while maximizing the interest on any savings you have, it can be possible to manage your money more beneficially for you and your family.

Managing your money can be the difference between a comfortable life and a daily struggle. It is all in the planning, and taking the time to draw up a realistic savings plan can be a strong, positive way to make this work for your circumstances. Think about the objectives of your financial planning – whether it is to save more, or to simply have more disposable income every month. Ask yourself whether you are being realistic about the figures in your planning, and make sure you include all areas of expenditure when working out what you have left over. Knowing your figures inside out is a real advantage in controlling your money effectively.


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Try to save as much as you possibly can, and do so at regular monthly intervals. None of us are getting any younger, and pending any financial emergencies, you need to build up savings for your old age. This is something we need to take increasing personal responsibility for, with an aging population and increasing lifespans. Start now, putting aside as much money as you can afford to spare each month. Try to do this at the point at which you are paid – the point where you will least miss the money you have put in to your savings plan.

When you are saving your money, you should take care to make sure it is working for you and your interests. That means ensuring you are investing it to generate a return, so the money is put to productive use while you save. However, the downside to many investment products is risk, and many people understandably want to steer clear of anything that could destroy their hard earned savings. Certificates of deposit are a good tool for this because they are backed by government guarantee. Report on CD Rates – Nov. 2013 shows that current returns are on the strong side. This can be good for those who are wanting to manage their money with a long-term focus, and it can be a good way to drive secure growth on your savings.

As 2013 comes to a close, there are still ways many households can manage their income, expenditure and savings for a better end result. It doesn’t take a financial genius to plan a more effective budget and savings plan. Through being aware of different financial products that exist, and the processes for monitoring and controlling expenditure, any household can start to sharpen up its finances in the year ahead.


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