Structured Settlement Brokers Can Help You Invest for Homeownership

| August 17, 2013

img 2While your structured settlement payments can be a great way to help you make ends meet each month, structured settlement brokers can help you instantly realize your dream of homeownership. With a lump sum cash out through structured settlement brokers you can take control of your future earnings, putting them to work now. Home ownership is not only an exciting dream, but it is a great way to invest in your family’s future, ensuring that you have a place to call home for the rest of your life, building equity and financial strength along the way. And the best news is that there has never been a better time to buy. With structured settlement brokers you can save your current home or buy a new one.

Saving Your Current Home

If you already own a home then structured settlement brokers can help you cash out on your monthly annuity payments for a variety of purposes. Are you underwater in your home, stuck with a house where you owe more money than the home is worth? It can be difficult to sell a home if you need to move in such a situation. But structured settlement brokers can give you a lump sum of money in exchange for your structured loan payments, allowing you to pay off your house, then move on to a new home if you wish. Or, perhaps recent money problems or an inability to work has left you behind in your mortgage or rent. With a structured settlement buy-out you can get the cash you need to get current on all your payments and keep your home. While those smaller monthly payments may not be enough to get a landlord or mortgage company to let you stay in your house, a lump sum usually can do the trick.

Maintaining Your Housing Investment

Home ownership is often more expensive than people realize. Things break, pests invade and repairs abound. Conservative estimates suggest that a homeowner should expect to spend 5-10% of their home’s value on maintenance each year. But any homeowner knows that even more expenses can arise suddenly. A flood that is not covered by homeowners insurance can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Windows that start to leak can cost from five to fifteen thousand dollars to replace. A leaking roof can run from five to twenty thousand dollars and more. Even pet stained carpet can cost thousands to replace. The costs of proper home maintenance are endless. Fortunately, structured settlement brokers can help you cash out on the lump sum of money owed to you to ensure that you can keep your home safe, warm and well maintained.

Investing in a New Home

One of the best reasons for looking into structured settlement brokers is for buying a new house. Now is the perfect time to invest in a new home, particularly if you are a first time home buyer. Home prices are at a ten year low all around the United States. Even homes in places as expensive as California have become affordable to many. But rather than stressing your monthly budget with a payment, you can consider cashing in your structured settlement and paying cash for a home, or at least putting down a huge down payment. While your structured settlement brokers do charge fees for these cash outs, remember that you will save money by not paying interest on your mortgage. In addition, this is also a great time to take advantage of a variety of government rebates and tax incentives for buying a new home.


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