Six Ways to Save Money on Pest Control for your Home

| January 30, 2014

Six Ways to Save Money on Pest Control for your HomePests and unwelcome critters are commonplace for many households, making pest control an expensive service that is needed to remove the problem and even repair any damage. Most people will need pest control at some point in time. Controlling pests doesn’t need to be expensive, there are several ways to save money by taking the necessary precautions ahead of time.

1. Replace Rotting Wood

Rotting wood is one of the most common places that attracts insects due to moisture that is likely present. It’s important to replace the wood immediately to prevent a larger problem of termites, gnats, and ants that will invade the space. If you replace and fix the problem when you first notice it, you won’t have to worry about further foundational damage due to termites or pests.

2. Avoid a Water Supply

Providing pests with a water supply in the yard is an easy way of attracting insects and allowing them to thrive, making it important to avoid installing fountains, having an uncovered pool, or using bird baths. Although these can all be lovely additions to your yard, depending on your climate, these can attract pests that will cause problems for your vegetation and home.

3. Protect Food

Uncovered food is quickly detected by nearby ants and insects for an easy way of creating an expensive problem. Keep all food contents sealed in the kitchen and wipe up any crumbs after snacks or meals. The garbage container and household ingredients in the pantry should also be covered. Make sure that you clean up any spills as soon as they happen. Don’t allow dishes to sit unwashed over night. This can attract cockroaches.

4. Adopt a Cat

A family cat in the home will work to eliminate mice that are on the property while also scaring off other rodents that may be present. Squirrels are naturally afraid of cats, as well as birds who are prone to build several nests without a pet nearby. Although dogs don’t catch mice, dogs also do a good job of scaring away small animals.

5. Get an Inspection

Although termites do not cause physical harm to humans or pets, they can cause plenty of damage to a building’s structure. Hire a professional from Havertown pest control and termite inspections to evaluate the property and detect any damage that has already begun. You’ll want to have your home inspected every few years depending on how common termites are in your area. Although repairs and pest control may be needed, it will cost much less than if the problem escalates.

6. Maintain the Landscape

Keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed on the property will prevent the plants from reaching too close to the windows of your home and inviting different types of spiders, bugs, and insects. Having shrubbery too close to your home also invites other rodents to create nests and to find ways into your home. Make sure that you seal any openings that would allow pests inside your home. It’s easier to keep pests out, than to get them out once they are already in.

Pest control is not just a service that is performed by professionals, but is also a practice that can be maintained by homeowners through practical methods that will protect the property. It will not only lead to a peaceful home, but can potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually on damages.



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