Short Term Financing: Avoiding Debt Traps

| July 20, 2013

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Securing, a cash advance loan might seem very easy. But on second thoughts a potential borrower should understand that there are certain factors that he always needs to consider in order to make sure that he is settling for worthy deals. Payday loans carry very high rates of interest. Make sure you are not forced to opt for a rollover in order to avoid a viscous debt trap. It has often been noticed that borrowers are unable to repay the debt on the due date as a result of which they are forced to opt for rollovers.

Now, the prospect of being approved for an extension might as well seem feasible but it would actually mean that the already high rates have accumulated further. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the loan that they have been unable to pay for the first time will be repaid at the second or the third instance, with even higher rates of interest. What happens as a result, is that they are further entrapped in loans. Therefore, follow these tips to ensure that you are easily avoiding a potent debt trap:

Ask Questions: Yes, before resorting to any kind of high risk financing you should always ask yourself certain pertinent questions. Fast loans should only be secured when you have a dire need at hand to meet. Therefore, ask these questions to yourself before taking aid of short term financing:

  • Is the need at hand too urgent?
  • Can it be fulfilled after your next payday?
  • Are you aware of the laws governing the payday lending practices in the state in which you are living in?
  • Would you be able to repay the debt on time?

Consider asking these questions before you are applying for short term financing online.

Seek feasible alternatives: When you’re in urgent in need of cash considering the help of traditional bank loans might seem a bit incongruous as it involves lengthy documentation process as a result of which the loan arrangement takes time. Still if you feel that you have had decent credit scores and that you have the required time in hand to wait for the loan get arranged, you could consider them as they carry modest rates of interest. The best option would however remain, seeking the aid of personal lending whereby you can ask your friends or relative for help if need arises.

Check Your Repayment Capacity: Think wisely whether you would be able repay the debt with your pay check or not. Consider your other spendings as well.

Conduct Due Research: Make sure that you’re conducting thorough research. If you want to settle for affordable personal loans you should consider shopping around a bit online to gather information about lenders offering comparatively lower rates of interest. Consult multiple lenders to find out the rates offered by these lenders and then compare them to decide who among them are providing more affordable  prices.


Short term financing is primarily availed when borrowers have a urgent requirement ( like paying off a hospital bill) to fulfill. No matter how difficult it might seem to keep so many factors in view considering the time constraint, taking these factors in to account them before availing these loans remains crucial.


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