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| July 25, 2013

images (8)If you are a freelancer or contractor, it is always a great idea to hire a legal advisor. The reason for that is because you need a “right hand man” in legal assistance especially when it comes to dealing with legal documents and activities. When you do consider on hiring a legal advisor, you have to be very careful because not everyone could be an effective legal advisor. Check out about legal advisor for your need.  When it comes to hiring one, you should have a few smart tips to keep in mind in selecting the best legal advisor for you.

Before we talk about the tips about selecting the right legal advisor for you, let’s talk about what a legal advisor’s job responsibilities are:

  • They are there to provide legal services
  • They manage both internal and external legal resources
  • They give off legal support for policies, disputes, contracts and employment etc.
  • They review all the legal documents to make sure that they are properly made and drafted

The skills that a legal advisor must possess are the following:

  • Have excellent oral and written communication
  • Strong analytical skill
  • Strong knowledge of the law
  • Disciplined and punctual
  • Well organized with their work schedules and activities
  • Have a great sense of time

A few good tips in selecting a legal advisor for you as a freelancer or contractor are as follows:

Professional with their work

Any employee should always possess professionalism. They should be on time when it comes to meetings and never tardy unless they have a valid reason. Select a legal advisor that can distinguish their work life and personal life. When a legal advisor doesn’t know the difference, they could possible not work efficiently and to the full content. They should be able to treat everyone fairly and should be open-minded with situations. Select a legal advisor that you can talk to and that will really listen to what you have to say. Keep in mind that you will be paying them and not the other way around so they should be doing their job to the best of their abilities.

Dedication to the job

During the interview, ask them questions that will show their dedication in work. You could try asking them about past work experiences and what motivates them to doing their job. Don’t look for someone that doesn’t show hard work because you may end up with a person that won’t do the job right. Filter out the individuals that show dedication and the ones that lack that certain spark.

Credentials are vital

ALWAYS ask the applicant for their credentials because this is how you find out if they are a legitimate lawyer. Ask for their resume, diplomas, certifications, licenses, IDs and etc. Find out as much as you can about them before you actually hire them because they will be working for you and they will be handling sensitive legal issues. You never want to mess with legal issues because they are delicate in nature. The legal advisor should have excellent knowledge about laws and have superb situational thinking skills.

With all this being said, always be mindful and critical when hiring a legal advisor. Since they will be handling your legal documents and other legal services for you, try to select the best.


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