Saving Tips: Choosing the Right Storage Unit Company

| September 20, 2013
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Storage is a booming business and most larger communities have more than one facility within easy driving distance. It is important to compare these to see which one gives the most value.

Selecting Units of the Right Size

It is important that the storage seeker avoid a situation where their goods cannot fit into one unit, forcing them to rent two. In many cases, it is possible to avoid this by carefully organizing the contents of the unit. Conversely, the storage user may find that their unit is too big and that they are paying for space that they are not using.

Before renting a unit, carefully consider how much space you need to avoid overpaying, and speak with your storage unit company representative to check what options you have for upgrading or downgrading your unit.

The Importance of Storage Location

The most important thing here is driving time. The time and fuel-money spent going to and from a unit can quickly add up. If the storage user is traveling to their storage unit in a moving truck, it will be even more expensive.

Choose a storage facility in the location that offers the least amount of driving. In addition, bear in mind that a storage facility in the heart of a city might be more expensive than one in a more rural area.

Security Considerations

A storage facility that has the proper security measures in place may be able to protect their tenants’ valuables. Prospective tenants should look for features like video surveillance, gated access and solid fencing. These things may not prevent all burglaries, but they can deter many and prevent the heartbreak of losing valuables due to a break in.

While a good storage company will take steps to ensure that their units are protected from the elements and from thieves, some things are just not preventable. Those seeking storage should look for facilities that provide insurance to cover the contents of storage units. In the event of a natural disaster or some other unfortunate event, tenants will be compensated for the loss of their goods.

Finding Locked in Rates

In some cases, an individual finds what they think is going to be affordable storage and they go to the trouble of moving their things in; a month later they get a letter stating that the facility is raising the rent. Many storage users have found themselves in exactly this situation.

This is especially true in high activity areas, where many individuals are centralized around a busy city – for example, when looking into storage units in San Francisco, finding a locked in rate could save you hundreds of dollars over the coming months, so it pays to do some research before getting a storage unit.

Before signing anything, a prospective tenant should find out the facility’s track record for rent increases and look at what other users of that facility have said about it. In many cases, a quick Internet search will reveal this information.

Square footage in a storage unit is often less expensive when compared to similar space in residential or commercial property. An individual can save money by renting a smaller living space and storing their goods at a storage facility; however, it is important that they thoroughly research facilities ahead of time.


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