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| March 12, 2014
English: A sample of a wrist style blood press...

English: A sample of a wrist style blood pressure monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rising healthcare costs are putting pressure on many people’s finances in the 21st century, leading to a growing interest in home diagnostic equipment. If you would like to take more responsibility for your own healthcare, you may like to invest in some of the items discussed below.

It should be stressed that testing yourself at home is not a substitute for visiting a doctor and if you think you may have any health issues, you should seek medical attention immediately. What home equipment can be used for is to detect problems earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Some conditions, such as ear and eye infections are best diagnosed by medical professionals with high quality equipment such as a Keeler diagnostic set but there are others that may be uncovered by yourself at home. Having said that, it is possible to learn how to use an otoscope and ophthalmoscope to monitor existing conditions if desired but you should always err on the side of caution if you are not sure what you are doing.

  1. Blood pressure monitor – this is one of the most popular pieces of home healthcare equipment and almost all models will measure your heart rate at the same time as giving a systolic and diastolic blood pressure reading. They are quite simple to use and relatively cheap to buy, making them a good choice for your first investment. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to obtain fairly accurate readings but if you think you may have abnormally low or high blood pressure, always have it checked by a doctor.
  1. Thermometer – this is a basic item that every household should own. Whether you choose one that is designed to be inserted in the mouth or an electronic model that can be inserted gently into the ear will depend on your personal preference and whether you have any children. Taking a young child’s temperature can be quite difficult with oral thermometers so you may like to buy an armpit or ear model if you have young kids in the home. If you find that your child’s body temperature is elevated, it is important to consult a doctor at the earliest possible opportunity.
  1. Fetal handheld Doppler systems – pregnant women that are keen to keep a close eye on their unborn baby’s health may like to consider investing in one of these. They make it easy to monitor the fetal heart rate without having to visit a hospital. However, you should still attend a local clinic for regular check-ups as it is never wise to take chances where babies are concerned. It is also important to avoid becoming overanxious by using such equipment more often than is strictly necessary.
  1. Blood glucose test strips – if you suffer from diabetes or are in a high risk category and are worried that you may suffer from the condition in the near future, these test strips could be a good investment. They will allow you to measure your blood glucose levels whenever you wish and respond to any abnormalities in a timely manner.

Whilst the above equipment may prove to be very useful for people that are in reasonably good health, if you or a family member is suffering from a serious condition that needs to be monitored closely it may be best to look for a suitable residential care home in your area. It can be empowering to take a certain amount of responsibility for your own health or that of a close relation but it is unwise to put too much pressure on yourself.

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