Save Early to Reap the Benefits of Compound Interest

| October 27, 2013
saving and retirement

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Let the benefits of compound interest settle. First, here is a little explanation. The compound interest works by calculating the total amount that you earn on your investment. So, when you invest £500 and earn an interest of £9, the compound interest would be on £509. It is the interest over the interest on investment. The more time you let your money to settle in a suitable investment or a savings account, the more it grows on compound interest.

So, if you start saving at 20, and save xyz amount by 70, your total balance would be more than the other person who started saving at 40, but saved the same xyz amount by 70. Saving early is an effective long-term plan if you are setting aside the money. The financial system rewards you for keeping money for a long period at the bank. It is only prudent to take advantage of this rewards system. For knowing the different options of savings, visit

That was a key aspect of saving now adequately for the future. There are several other relevant benefits of saving early. Here is a brief rundown on the different aspects.

Gives you confidence:

Savings offer you with immense confidence. It can help you undertake important social responsibilities. Also, youth is the time when most plan on starting a family. A solid savings account can give you the necessary financial confidence to take this critical decision. Everything becomes easy when you put aside a part of your hard-earned honest money exclusively for being helpful in starting a family.

Start your own business

Many plan to start their own businesses when young. A compact savings account can hold a good amount by the time you are 35. You can always use this money as the initial investment necessary for your business.

Support others

You can also support family members and dear friends when they need help. You savings can be critically helpful when a close one needs financial assistance.

Gives you confidence to change jobs

Sometimes, changing jobs is important for career progress. Sometimes, you may just hate your job, but you cannot leave because you do not have any savings. Avoid such sticky situations by setting aside a good amount.

Ready for medical emergencies

You need to save for medical purposes. Although any health problem for you is completely undesirable, yet health is not always in one’s control. A good amount of saving can give you the peace of mind that you can afford the best treatment

Savings for children

Maybe, you are yet to marry. But, you would sometimes. You would have children also. Why don’t you save for your dream children from now on? This is the first step that you can take to secure the financial future of your next generation.

Partake in social causes

The youth is the time when you first learn to see yourself as a social being. You look around yourself and there are so many social causes. These can always benefit from some financial assistance.  You can contribute to social purposes anywhere in the world. So, if you want to play your part in helping the many needy in Africa or in India, you just need to find the right channel to help. Philanthropy is a particularly uplifting feeling. When you have sufficient money, so that you can spare some, consider investing on social purposes.

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