Safety First: 4 Tips for Protecting Your Assets

| October 8, 2017

Protecting Your AssetsIt’s a rewarding feeling when you can afford to buy quality items that you once considered “too expensive.” Perhaps that’s a grill for barbecuing, a designer leather jacket, a pair of earrings or something different. As nice as that is, there are few feelings worse than having something you really like stolen. As you start to accumulate a collection of more valuable assets, follow these four tips to keep them safeand start protecting your assets.

Keep Your Property in Secure Locations

Many thefts occur because something was left in a vulnerable spot. For example, you leave your smartphone in your car as you go into the grocery store for just a minute. Or you leave your grill out on your patio because that’s more convenient than getting it out of the garage whenever you need to use it.

A thief sees situations like that as opportunities. Try to limit these opportunities as much as possible. When you’re transporting valuable items, keep them in the trunk. Put appliances and other valuable items in your garage, and consider getting a safe for your home.

Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

Besides the social benefits of knowing your neighbors, it also helps when it comes to preventing thefts. When you and your community all know each other, you’re all more likely to notice someone who’s out of place and looking for a burglary opportunity.

Your neighbors will also feel more comfortable contacting you about suspicious activity when you’re friendly with them.

Invest in a Security System

You can get security systems for your home and your vehicle, and both are smart investments that can deter potential thieves. When a thief breaks in to a car or home, they want to draw as little attention as possible.

You can get an alarm-type security system or, with home security, one that automatically contacts law enforcement if there are any unauthorized entries.

Get Insurance

No matter how smart you are about protecting your assets, there is still the chance that something gets stolen. To be prepared for that sort of worst-case scenario, you should insure any valuable possessions.

Work with an agent like Rob Jackson Insurance or someone similar to set up a plan that makes sense for your income. Homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies are excellent for this, because you can get all your possessions covered for a low monthly rate.

It’d be a shame to have an expensive item stolen. When you follow these tips, you can keep the odds of that happening to a minimum, and make sure that your property is covered by insurance if a theft does happen.

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