Office Feng Shui: How to Design for Productivity

| September 16, 2013

Office Feng Shui How to Design for ProductivityFeng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on creating harmony with the world around us, and enhancing the flow of positive energy. Improve your energy, outlook, and productivity by applying the principles of feng shui to your office.


Use a variety of materials in balance with each other. According to feng shui, your environment should include five essential elements. Each element enhances particular aspect of your life like wood products for creativity and loyalty, fire themed for passion, excitement, and productivity. Items made of earthy substances, relate to balance and stability while metal can mean financial success. Try using a small fountain of water to represent communication and opportunities. Create a balance of these materials. While it may be tempting to surround yourself with metal, too much of any one element can impede harmony and become destructive.

Placement Matters

Place yourself in the command position. Ideally, your desk should be in the corner furthest from the door, facing the door, but not directly across from it. If you are in a small office or a cubicle with fewer options for arranging your space, you can place reflective surfaces or mirrors that allow you to see behind you. Decorate your space thoughtfully. Include photos or mementos that remind you of happy moments. Use bright colors in art work or accent items, although always in balance; too much color can be overstimulating and drain your energy. If you have a larger office, consider installing an aquarium. Just make sure that you don’t create new clutter. Choose a few items with care and attention to how they affect your energy levels.


Choose furniture with clean, simple lines. Elegantly simple designs, such as that in the Aeron Chair, allow energy to flow easily. Select desks, chairs, and other furniture that harmonize with the environment, while providing ergonomic support. Check out the selection at Sit4Life. Reduce clutter, as having too much stuff around you not only prevents energy from flowing freely, but also can sap energy from you. Find—and use—an organizational system. Keep files neatly stored in a filing cabinet, and put away things that you aren’t using

Protect Yourself

Use plants to clean the air and direct the flow of energy. Place a plant behind you for protection, or in front of features that disrupt the flow of energy, such as columns, duct work, or projecting corners. Various types of palms, ficus, ferns, and ivy can survive in an office with low light and little care. Replace fluorescent lights with full-spectrum, incandescent lights. If possible, install dimmers or choose light bulbs with multiple light settings so you can adjust the light levels throughout the day. Remember that feng shui is based on balance and harmony, including light and dark. Reduce electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. At work, you are constantly surrounded by electronic devices. If possible, place these devices at a distance; for example, put the printer in a hallway outside of your office. Or use high-quality EMF protection devices.

Whether you have a corner office with a view, or share a tiny cubicle, these tips can help you create a more positive environment at work.


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