Never Miss a Payment Again With 5 Hacks to a More Financially Sound Future

| December 12, 2013

Never Miss A PaymentWhen a person misses a payment, they will pay late fees and see a knock on their credit score. Over the long haul, this will cost a consumer a lot of money and cause other problems in the future. To avoid this serious and costly problem, an individual should never miss a payment. But paying things on time can be a bit daunting if you get caught in the slippery slope that are late fees and overdue payments. To make these payments a bit more manageable, one should follow these five simple tips to avoid making a mistake.


When making credit card or utility payments, a person should use their bank or credit card. In fact, most companies allow customers to set this up online. When doing so, a client will never miss a payment and can, with ease, manage his or her checkbook. Remember, with so many advances in technology, a consumer should never miss a payment.

Use Only One Credit Card:

Some people have a few credit cards that they use for monthly expenses. If possible, a consumer should cut down his or her usage to one card. When doing this, a spender can keep track of his or her finances without much work. Furthermore, one will never make a mistake and miss a payment as they will remember which company they must pay.

Lower Mortgage:

With refinancing, a customer can cut his or her monthly payments drastically. Many people do not pay the lowest available rate as they forgo refinancing out of laziness or fear. However, with a FHA mortgage in California, one can, with a few hours a work, find the lower rate for their home loan. To learn more, a consumer should click here as this is a solid money-saving option.


In the past, banks and other companies would mail statements every month. While this is a great way for a customer to know what he or she owes, there are better ways. In reality, with email and websites, a consumer can gain access to his or her statement. This is the better option as it is safer, faster and more efficient than mail.


A consumer should always visit websites with a new and updated browser. This will allow a person to pay bills and not encounter problems with less of a chance that a hacker or criminal gets a hold of your information. Nothing can be worse than getting your information stolen as it can lead to countless headaches and hassles that come with fraudulent charges.

With these five simple tips, a consumer can avoid making a catastrophic mistake and seeing his or her credit score drop. When this happens, a client will likely pay higher rates on credit cards and other financial products. Luckily, these tips are easy to follow for the average consumer who takes their time to understand his or her own situation. There is a way out of the darkness!


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