Man Surprises Other Half with Garden Makeover

| November 27, 2013

Back garden, summer 2007

Who could forget the 90s TV sensation Ground Force?  Although it finished in the early noughties, it left behind a legacy of people who would love more than anything than to go away for a weekend to have their gardens secretly made over by Alan Titchmarsh, Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock.  Unfortunately, the team has moved on to bigger and better things, but one man – Mr Simon Paul – from Liverpool, surprised his wife Isabelle Paul with a garden makeover she was definitely not expecting.

Financing the Project

After giving birth to their second-born child, Isabelle suffered a near fatal accident and became paralysed from the waist-down. This has left her unable to easily access her garden for the past 5 years, but with money being difficult during the economic crisis, the family had no way of being able to change the garden to suite their new needs.

However, earlier this year, Mr Paul took the plunge and took out a sizable secure loan (like the ones available from 1st Stop Home Loans) in order to pay for the make over, and sent his wife away for the weekend with two of her best friends.

What a Difference Two Days Make

With the new source of income and only a weekend to get everything in place, Mr Paul worked solidly for both days, sleeping only 6 hours each night to ensure that the garden was fit for purpose, along with the help and support of various friends and family members.

They stripped the garden of grass, and introduced a stylish slate pathway that curved gently round the entire area, making it easy to wheel around in a chair.  Around the figure-of-eight pathway, the group created a small fountain and a picturesque, sweet-smelling flower bed filled with flowers of Isabelle’s favourite colour – lilac.  Finally, Simon also created a small ramp from the sliding doors of the conservatory to the garden pathway for easy access, and all in time for Mrs Paul to arrive back on Sunday evening to find everything complete.

Isabelle’s Reaction

Isabelle arrived back home on Sunday and was greeted by her husband on their driveway. Having spent a few minutes in the hallway, the couple moved into their conservatory, and it took Isabelle only a couple of sentences into their chat to notice that things outside were not as they were before she left on Friday.

Having noticed, Mr Paul followed his wife out into the garden for the first time in years, and after tears and a lot of happiness, the couple were finally outside in their garden together for the first time in over 5 years.


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  1. Brian Rosen (Darkroom Daze) says:

    Thanks for using my photo – you’re welcome. Just to clarify to your followers that this (our own garden) was not a Ground Force makeover nor was it any one else’s makeover. It’s all our own slowly evolved plan and gardening efforts, including the ‘temple’ apart from some hard construction we asked local contractors to do for us. We’re still hard at it 🙂